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Getting lots of AMP errors.

chilledbee 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 2

From all aspects of BG I am getting lots of AMP errors from SEO All in One Plugin.  I don't know if they are right but I remove all the html, json etc errors they remove so AMP will work.  I am using Callaway btw.

Under review

Thank you for contacting us.

Sorry to hear about the AMP errors when using Callaway and hopefully our team can get some of those errors fixed in a future version.

What are the AMP errors you are seeing with the All in One plugin?  We should be able to use that information to determine where the problems are coming from and find a solution.

Thank you for helping us improve our products and I look forward to getting that information!


Here is an example of what I am receiving.  I originally removed the errors, but that also hurt the images on the site, so I stopped that.  Now  I am just letting them accumulate.  Yes the All in One shows me the errors, if they are the problem I can remove that as i am still under the 14 day trial.  Thanks Susan