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podcast theme with sub-page control?:

pierre nunns 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

I'd be happy with a current theme with child theme toggle for now - where no header image is installed - ideally Looking to set up a number of podcast sub pages - each with own header image if possible (or a much reduced header image in sub page) Features:  Podcast overview, episode featured, Episode playlist with short description, link into blog with bio of subject, episode features and more information links, media player / link to hosting RSS, call to action & subscription buttons - and links to merch and related affiliates. 500k podcasters out there!

if you would like me to break down the epic into user stories I can try that

Under review

Hi Pierre, thank you for your feature idea!

We currently have a feature request in to create a blank page template that disables the header and footer, but unfortunately I don't have an estimate on when we will be able to get that feature added.

The podcast functionality you described might be better handled by a plugin instead of a theme and I was able to locate one in the WordPress repository that might be able to give you the functionality you are looking for,

Thank you for your feature ideas and please let us know if you have any other ideas for us!