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hello. May I call and speak to you on the phone?. Im still having issues and i think things would be more clear for i can speak directly to you, or someone else. It would help this situation get resolved a lot faster. Thank you. 

The domain name for my Boldgrid site is:

oh ok, i see now! It is live on the internet. So i guess my next question would be how do i point my domain name to my Boldgrid site so it doesn't read " in the URL anymore? 

Thanks for following up! I guess I should you more specific details. I bought a Wordpress hosting package and the domain name through Godaddy, and I began to build the actual website  through Boldgrid. I dont think I ever installed Wordpress, i simply created a Boldgrid account and began designing within Boldgrid. My plan was to have the Boldgrid website transferred to my Wordpress hosting package via GoDaddy. That's what I need help doing. 

Thanks in advance,