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hi, i have found what is the cause of the boldgrid stop working. It was because of Yoast Plugin. I have deactivated all of my plugin, and then start activating one by one. And i found that Yoast was the problem. I will send my problem to them. Thank you for trying to answer my problem.

Hi, its still the same... Nothing changed... I think the plugin itself were not ready for WordPress version 5

Hi Chris,

Its still the same, even after i've updated the latest version of this plugin.

Any settings that i may have miss? Please advise! Thank you.

Hi Carlos,

Let me show the picture that i've grabbed from my screen.

  1. The add block button if i had clicked it 10 to 20 times its still not response.
  2. The image in this picture, it is an image slider with 5 pics in it. Now it show only 1, and nowhere that i can edit it.
  3. The Video gallery also not working. No settings option.
  4. All of the functions of boldgrid not working after i've updated to WordPress version 5.

Please advise, what should i do to make it work? This is a website that i've been working on... and its not mine. People paid me to do it for them, and now they are questioning me a lot....