Not a bug

The Customize page does not show my site and will not allow me to modify my menu at all.

somersyouthwrestling 5 months ago • updated by godmother108 3 months ago 3

I have tried multiple different ways, but the Customize page does not show my site at all and has no options to modify anything anymore.  This worked last year.

Under review

Thank you for contacting us.

The error you are showing can occur due to a number of things, and we would be glad to investigate the issue on your behalf. First, I would suggest making a backup of the site, and ensuring all your plugins and themes are updated to the most recent version.

If the updates do not fix the issue or if there are no updates available please let us know and our team will investigate this problem further for you.

This is exactly what just happened for me. A year ago 'Customize' was working fine. I just upgraded to WP 5.0.2, and now my Customize page shows only the option 'Widget' and nothing else. I did backup before I updated, and I updated my 10 or so plugins before I updated Word Press. I did NOT update my theme, because of the warning that any changes to the theme would be lost. My theme is noted as HAVEN (at a glance), but does not show under 'Customize.'  Help?