Why does the Backup plugin open an FTP connection every time?

Jeffrey Shepherd 1 year ago updated by support (Support) 1 year ago 4

Why is it that the BoldGrid Backup plugin must make an FTP connection with every page load of the plugin?  Unless I'm viewing the archives, why does loading Settings, Tools, Preflight Check, or any of the other settings mandate that the plugin must attempt an FTP login?

I have the FTP option setup and connections are only allowed to my FTP server during certain times, yet when I go to the settings for BoldGrid I have to wait for the connection to timeout before the plugin page loads, leaving me to killing processes on my server since they hang for some time while waiting for the connection to timeout.

It makes no sense that loading a page that doesn't depend on the FTP connection actually has to create the connection.  This is a very poor design in my opinion.

Under review

Thank you for contacting us and reporting this bug for the Backup plugin.

I have submitted this particular issue to our development team for additional review and I hope that they are able to release a fix for it soon.  You can also view any updates for this issue in the GitHub repository for the BoldGrid Backup plugin.

Thank you for helping us improve BoldGrid!

Hi Jeffrey,

My name is Brad, I am one of the developers on the BoldGrid Backup plugin. Thanks for the heads up about the FTP issue. I'm working on a fix now, and I was hoping you would be willing to help test the changes when they're ready. if you are, I'll let you know how to test (probably later in the week).

If you're curious at all about the technical aspect of the issue, I've been working on it here - https://github.com/BoldGrid/boldgrid-backup/issues/9

Thanks again!

- Brad

Hi again Jeffrey,

Sorry for the delay in getting back with you. Today, we released BoldGrid Backup 1.7.2, which fixes the issues you reported. Are you able to upgrade to the latest version, test the FTP issue, and let us know how it goes?


- Brad