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Responsive mishandling of images

Paul King 6 months ago updated by support (Support) 5 months ago 6

BoldGrid responsive image handling for mobile phone and tables is giving incorrect results for bordered images. In the WP editor preview, they look correct, but in reality, images are positioned differently within the borders on mobile devices compared with  desktop browser (chrome browser, latest version as of today's date tested for each platform)

Noting that images displayed using a 3rd party carousel plugin on the same website are not affected in this way - and Bold Grid images that are not bordered seem unaffected. only BoldGrid bordered images (in this case rounded corners) seem to incorrectly position images within their borders on mobile devices

Under review

Thank you for helping us improve BoldGrid!  Our team will investigate this bug and I hope that we can release a fix for it in an upcoming release.

Please let us know if there is anything else that we can do to assist you.

Hi, a similar issue applies to parallax images used as backgrounds. Even though this does not show up in BoldGrid prteview for mobile devices, parallax background images tile, as if the selected positioning of the image was being ignored, whereas desktop version of same does not

Thank you for contacting us.

If possible, can you provide us a link to one of your pages where the background images are tiling?  I am currently unable to replicate the problem on my end and any additional information you can provide us will help narrow down the source of this bug.

Hi, the page http://thecdc.nz/contact-us/  has a parallax background that tiles for me on a cellphone

Thank you for providing that information and I have reported this bug to our development team for further review.   I hope that we can release a fix for this problem in an upcoming release and thank you again for helping us improve BoldGrid.