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WooCommerce delivery address hidden after W3 Total Cache Version: 0.11.0 update

chris 10 months ago updated by support (Support) 10 months ago 1

WooCommerce delivery address hidden by javascript after W3 Total Cache Version: 0.11.0 update, deactivating W3 Total Cache plugin resolves issue.

WordPress 5.3

WooCommerce 3.8.0

Under review

Hi Chris, sorry to hear about the problems with the delivery address in WooCommerce and our team is happy to help in any way we can.

If possible, could you please send us the configurations you are currently using with W3 Total Cache?  Having that information will give us a better understanding on where the problem is coming from and help us find a solution for this bug.

Thank you for reporting this bug to us and I hope that our team can get this fixed quickly.