Conversion and other tracking features

mehinsky12345 9 months ago updated 9 months ago 4

Hello there!

I'm having problems with Google Ads tracking simply because after every page update, as an example, call gtag_report_conversion just got removed so it requires to paste it manually. Anyway, with pasting into the code it doesn't seem to work properly.


Hello Mehinsky,

Sorry for the issues with Google ads not tracking properly.  This function is not something that BoldGrid controls.  We advise contacting Google for further assistance. If there are issues pointing to a conflict with BoldGrid functionality, please provide specifics and we can investigate matter in more depth.

Can you just add the special options for buttons at least? And head custom editing.

There are WordPress plugins that allow you to add the necessary items to your site. You also have the option of creating a child theme. Editing of the HTML <head> element from within the user interface is not currently available in BoldGrid, but if you think this would be a good addition, you can always submit a feature request.

Thank you, Christopherm for advice. I actually fixed this by plugins, but having custom codes for buttons are would be cool (Google asks to put some code to call JS action by pressing the button).