Explicit FTP over TLS

Jeffrey Shepherd 1 year ago updated by support (Support) 1 year ago 2

I've been having to modify my BoldGrid Backup file "class-boldgrid-backup-admin-ftp.php" to have the two "ftp_connect" lines use "ftp_ssl_connect" because my Pure-FTP server uses "High" encryption requirements.  So I need the option to have "Explicit FTP over TLS" enabled.

This is what I change, version 1.8.1:

Line 245 & 761:
Change: ftp_connect

To: ftp_ssl_connect

That's it. That allows BoldGrid to connect to my FTP server through Explicit FTP over TLS.

Under review

Thank you for helping us improve BoldGrid!  I have created a Feature Request ticket with our Development team to consider your feature in a future release of the Backup plugin.  We use GitHub to track our tickets and you can subscribe to the request thread if you want to get updated on it in real time.

I hope that we are able to get this new feature added and please let us know if there is anything else that we can do to assist you.