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Ability to add attributions to images that I upload to wordpress

professortechie 2 years ago updated by support (Support) 2 years ago 1

Hello, I'm back again with another request.

I would like to add attributions to images that I've personally uploaded to the WordPress media library. Currently any images added through the "Boldgrid Connect Search" have attributions automatically added to the "Special Thanks" page/link in the footer (this is a feature I LOVE!). 

However, when I upload an image that I did not find in "Boldgrid Connect Search", that requires attribution, I have to find a way to add it myself. In addition, the attribution I add is inevitably going to be in a different location, thereby splitting my attributions for images. I feel this is a problem as CC licensing requires that I make the attribution easy to find. 

I would like to have a feature added that when I upload an image, there is a line under "Attachment details" (AKA Image details) where I can add the attribution. Also for contents of this line to be added to the "Special Thanks" page to keep my page in good legal standing.

Thank you so much for time and effort spent on this project. It's really been a life saver.

Regards, James

Under review

Thank you for submitting your Feature Request.  A ticket has been created with our Development team for consideration in a future release.

We always appreciate getting feedback on ways to improve BoldGrid and we hope to add your feature soon.  Please let us know if you have any other suggestions as well!