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Ability to remove header image from pages other than home page.

tom 3 years ago updated by Harry J (Products Manager) 3 years ago 1

I don't want the same large image at the top of every one of my pages. Looks great on homepage but don't need it for example on the contact us page.

Under review

Hello Tom,

Thanks for submitting a question about removing your header image on certain pages. At the moment, there is not a header image on/off button for individual pages (though I'd encourage you to submit a feature request if you think such a feature would enhance your workflow). We recommend keeping a consistent feel across all pages, but we encourage customization so we understand one size doesn't fit all.

While this may seem like an easy change, it requires the creation of alternative page template in WordPress. This gives you virtually limitless control over each page layout but it is an advanced step, and you would need to create a "child theme". However, for a professional WordPress developer this is certainly a more common procedure and they could implement that for you rather quickly.


Christopher M.