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Pavilion Theme: Remove blog page title still showing

360inspectionskc 4 months ago updated by support (Support) 4 months ago 3

I have removed the page title on my "Blog" page but it is still showing. On the Pavilion theme, there is an issue on mobile - the page titles that are longer push to two lines and the bottom line overlaps the top line so I am going to have to remove all my page titles but the Blog page it will not remove even after unchecking the box on the page.

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Thank you for contacting us.

I am sorry to hear that there are some problems with the display of Blog titles on your page and our team is happy to help in any way we can.

I took a look at the website associated with your Connect key and I believe that I have determined the source of the problem.  The actual title for your Blog page is being correctly hidden but the titles for the individual blog posts are still visible, even though the title is also contained in the body of the post content.

We can fix this display issue by using custom CSS to hide the Post titles in the Blog feed and I believe this will provide you with the display you are looking for.  Below is the CSS snippet you will need to add to the Custom CSS area of your Customizer to hide those titles.

.blog article .entry-title {
    display: none;

I have also created a feature request with our development team to consider adding the option to hide post titles in the blog feed for an upcoming release.

I hope that this information helps you get your blog styled to your liking and please let us know if there is anything else that we can do to assist you.

Thank you. That worked! You might note the reason I wanted to hide it is because on longer titles in this theme there is a white background behind the blue text so when it pushes some words to the second line that white background cuts off the top line. That should be fixed in the theme. Thanks for your help.

Under review

I am glad to hear that worked for you!  Thank you for pointing out that styling problem as well, I will review that behavior and let our development team know.