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Hello and thanks for contacting us. Please see our Child Theme article for more info on how what data could be lost. There's also our BoldGrid Theme Framework for more advanced users.

Hello and thanks for contacting us.

By test, do you mean the staging page or live customizer?

Have you done an Inspect Element on the section within your web browser to find errors?

Also, have you contacted the developer(s) regarding the issue?

Hello and thanks for contacting us. I recommend you log into your website via FTP or cPanel File Manager and update the memory_limit value in your wp-config.php file.

Hello and thanks for your feedback. We've updated the article and are creating a feature request for this.

Unfortunately, you'd need to use our BoldGrid developer documentation, WordPress documentation as JohnPaul mentioned, and/or a plugin like Carlos mentioned.

Happy to help. Have fun and let us know if you have any more questions.

Right now it looks like you have a free BoldGrid account, which you can continue to use free of cost until the time is right for you to design your website. We don't have a limited-time "trial" offer, just Free and Premium plans.

If you received a free trial from a hosting provider, you may want to double check with them.

Hello and thanks for contacting us.  BoldGrid Staging is an optional step. Without it, everything is live (active). You can check for it in your Plugins list.

Hello and thanks for contacting us. This is the correct link code per

<a href="">Jon Doe</a>