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Hello and thanks for contacting us. SEO plugins such as All in One SEO and Yoast SEO should help.

Hello and thanks for contacting us. You can get the theme files from the wp-content/themes folder.

Hello and thanks for contacting us. You can change the site to include https://www by editing the site and home URL from the Settings > General section.  You'll need to ensure you have a valid SSL certificate before to ensure there are no errors. Depending on your code, you may want to use a plugin such as Really Simple SSL to force the website to HTTPS without a mixed content error.

Thanks for the additional information. Please submit a support request from BoldGrid central for us to further assist you.

Hello. Unfortunately, to make these changes you'd need to select Customize > Advanced > Advanced JS & CSS. There you can add custom CSS. You'll need to go to the footer of your website and do an Inspect Element on the text in your footer to see what classes you'll need to edit. You can see our documentation and Google Developer guide for more info on this.

Hello. Please check whether you're editing the acitve or staging website. Also, some changes may not show immediately unless you clear your browser cache (or test using private / incognito mode).

Thanks for the URL and I apologize for the long wait. Unfortunately, I'm unable to see past the under construction page. Do you have an URL which shows the issue?

You may be able to insert the code into the Customize > Advanced > CSS / JS Editor or into the page or post using the text editor.

Hello and thanks for contacting us. Depending on the section, you can do so from the Customize section by pressing the Edit button and removing the italic from the text.

Hello and thanks for contacting us. Did you recently update or install any plugins or inspirations? If you can answer that (or give the website URL if you're comfortable doing so), we'd be happy to further assist.