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The best thing to do is use the alternate device views while editing. This helps maintain a consistent look across devices.

Can you provide some steps we can use to replicate this issue?

At the moment, what you have is the only blog index layout available. The best way to change it is to create a child theme use edit the template file.

Unfortunately, we cannot dispense CSS code upon request because we're simply not equipped to provide that level of support. That would be an ideal case for enlisting the help of a designer.

If the underlying issue is that the menu is too big, you might consider utilizing the dropdown feature for more of the content, perhaps having two or three items in the top level menu instead of six.

This is beyond what BoldGrid provides by default. You would need some custom coding, which you could integrate via the text editor within BoldGrid or using a third-party plugin.

I believe the CSS properties that would be most helpful to you are word wrap or hyphens. If you're having trouble identifying the CSS selector to apply that change to then you would be best advised to have a designer integrate this change for you. Making CSS changes are consider an advanced modification.

It is possible to remove the menus if that works better for your goals.

I'd advise scanning through your plugins to see if one might be interfering with the backup plugin. You might also check with your host to see if there is a possible resource issue.

Otherwise, I'd suggest submitting a support request via BoldGrid Central > Manage My Account > Support Request.

I've tested this using an image matching the dimensions of your image exactly and could not replicate the stretching effect you've demonstrated. It's possible there are extra CSS styles being applied or other plugins interfering with BoldGrid's editor. Feel free to provide any extra information you have about how you have integrated these images into your site.

  • Are you embedding code from a third-party source?
  • Are you using other plugins that might interfere with how BoldGrid is applying styles to your images?
  • Exactly what steps can we use to replicate this behavior you're seeing?

How were the images added to the page? The stretched look is not the BoldGrid default behavior. Did you use the image feature BoldGrid post and page editor?