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Save time, money and effort creating WordPress websites with BoldGrid. All the features you know and love of the flexible CMS, made smarter and with more tools for WordPress professionals. BoldGrid is more than just a simple page editor — It’s an enhanced WordPress experience with a vastly improved workflow.

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Seamlessly Integrated Themes and Framework

BoldGrid provides WordPress professionals with a familiar, but enhanced and refined creative environment allowing you to create faster with fewer obstacles like shortcodes and block editors. Easily browse BoldGrid themes, create content layouts, source and edit images, install plugins and more from within the WordPress dashboard.

BoldGrid for Designers
BoldGrid’s simple, intuitive drag and drop interface and seamless integration with the WordPress customizer allows designers to engage their creative instincts without having to worry about the tedious nuances of WordPress.
BoldGrid for Developers
BoldGrid is built on an open source framework, with all code available on GitHub. Use BoldGrid’s “staging” functionality to safely develop and test your websites, plugins or themes in a sandboxed area away from your live website.

Features and Plugins

The tools that make a faster and more efficient WordPress


Enhanced Customizer

More control over your theme and content

Quickly edit many elements of your theme from one simple menu such as site title, logo, color palettes, fonts, background images and effects, menu options and location, header and footer widgets, and more.

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Drag and Drop Editor

WYSIWYG editor without shortcode

Drag and drop your text, images and Blocks, or even entire blocks of content to exactly where you want them. Generates clean HTML code. Create multiple mockups in minutes by swapping out Blocks.

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Responsive Design

Look great on any device

All BoldGrid themes are responsive out of the box so that your site looks great no matter how it is viewed. Our unique Grid system will ensure your content stays organized and optimized for mobile viewing and across all browsers.

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BoldGrid enhances and refines the WordPress experience for Professionals. Learn how BoldGrid can save you time and spare you from frustration.

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Spend less time managing WordPress and more time being creative

Accomplish More with WordPress Admin

Direct access to themes and content

Activating the Inspirations plugin allows you to easily browse, select, install, and customize free BoldGrid themes from within your WordPress admin area. Themes include various page sets, integrated plugins, and more to give you a head start. And thanks to integration with top image banks, your media gallery is already robust with both free and premium content.

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Pre-built content layouts for fast, modular design

Blocks are blocks of content you can customize or create for yourself. Easily drag and drop content within your Blocks and even slide entire blocks to where you want them. Every theme includes a variety of Blocks so that you can try different design approaches with ease.

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Clean Code

Access and edit source code with ease

BoldGrid does not limit you. You can use your own custom WordPress themes or third party plugins as needed. And BoldGrid generates pristine code so that you can easily navigate source code and make your own customizations.

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Better Image Handling

Insert, replace, resize, and edit images on the fly

You can easily organize and replace images within your Blocks and resize them directly on your page. BoldGrid uses API integrations to allow you to download free images and premium content directly to your site from Flickr and Fotolia.

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Why Choose BoldGrid?

With BoldGrid, WordPress professionals can dramatically reduce the time spent on tedious or routine WordPress tasks, making the CMS the perfect solution for you and your clients’ needs. Spend your new free time dazzling clients, organizing your business, and being creative as you were meant to be.


Edit Without Shortcode

Add and edit content exactly as your visitors will see. BoldGrid generates clean HTML without using shortcode.

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Streamline Your Workflow

Better Customizer control, integrated image banks, and WYSIWYG editing are only a sample of BoldGrid’s workflow improvements.

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Advanced Framework

We followed strict standards when creating our system so it is easy to follow. Ready for some code? See our Documentation.

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Be Inspired. Be Empowered. Be Bold.

WordPress is already used by more than 60 million websites on the internet. Be bold and stand above the rest with BoldGrid.