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BoldGrid improves your workflow to complete client projects faster. No client is too small when you can create a beautiful WordPress website in less than an hour. Use Total Upkeep to protect and secure an entire network of sites.

BoldGrid Premium is the Top Choice for WordPress Agencies

Create and Edit Faster

Turn your clients’ vision into their dream website faster than ever with our powerful Customizer tools, reusable row and column designs, library of preformatted page sections, pre-populated media gallery, and much more.

Earn More Revenue

Freeing up time means you can take on more and new clients. No project or client is too small when you can create a beautiful WordPress website in under an hour.

Save and Reuse Rows

Use our preformatted page sections, Blocks, to quickly add new sections to a page. Or create a full page in a minute by selecting a few choice Blocks. Or create your own Blocks to save and reuse.

Visual Editing without Shortcode

Drag and drop and resize content, columns, and rows with precision directly on your pages – without using shortcodes. Empower your clients to take over their own edits and earn back your time.

Drag & Drop Post and Page Builder

Edit your pages visually and drag and drop your content with confidence. The Post and Page Builder is easy enough for anyone, but flexible for coders. This allows you to create custom solutions for your clients while empowering them to take over their own edits so you can take on more clients.

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drag and drop editor

Create Layouts Faster with Blocks

Blocks are preformatted page sections consisting of images, text, and other page elements with plenty of variety from which to choose. BoldGrid will endlessly generate new Block design options that match your theme. Or you can create and save your own Block designs to reuse later.

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Control More Theme Features from the Customizer

BoldGrid’s powerful Customizer settings allow you to edit elements of your theme quickly and easily. One simple window to make site-wide changes to menus, fonts, widgets, and more!

Customizer Controls:

  • Site Title
  • Logo
  • Fonts
  • Favicon
  • Color Palettes
  • Background Images
  • Background Effects
  • Menus
  • Widgets
  • Header Settings
  • Footer Settings
  • Custom JS & CSS