BoldGrid for Real Estate

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Real Estate Website

BoldGrid comes equipped with everything you need to show case your properties. Use our WYSIWYG editor to easily create listings, show off your properties using the image gallery plugin, and let prospective buyers easily find your listings using the included SEO plugin.

BoldGrid Real Estate Inspiration Design

Why Create Your Real Estate Website With BoldGrid?


Real Estate Themes

BoldGrid’s real estate website templates are the best way to showcase your properties on the web. You can easily create and style elegant image galleries on your pages and showcase your properties with little effort.

Real Estate Themes



The BoldGrid Post and Page Builder allows you to easily create rich column and row-based layouts with the WordPress front end editor — without any coding or programming knowledge. The Post and Page Builder by BoldGrid includes both Visual Editing and Text Editing modes, allowing you the ability to edit and design however you see fit.

  • Drag and drop text, rows or columns of content, and more to modify rich layouts with ease
  • Resize images on the fly when adding or replacing content to maintain your layout without hassle

BoldGrid’s page builder plugin offers a WYSIWYG editor and text editor.



Allow potential property buyers to easily find your content with the included BoldGrid SEO Plugin. BoldGrid’s SEO plugin gives you the tools needed to ensure that your site gets seen by all search engines. Not only that, but BoldGrid makes it extremely easy to set page titles and meta descriptions on the fly while editing your pages.

BoldGrid’s page builder plugin offers a WYSIWYG editor and text editor.


Create Your WordPress Image Gallery in Seconds

Add photos of your properties, create and style elegant image galleries within minutes using the included BoldGrid Gallery plugin. BoldGrid’s Gallery plugin seamlessly replaces the standard WordPress Create Gallery feature. Simply choose the images you want to display and the style in which to display them. Then drag and drop your new photo gallery exactly where you want it.

Flexible Options for your BoldGrid Gallery

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WordPress is already used by more than 60 million websites on the internet. Be bold and stand above the rest with BoldGrid.