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Want to Try Out WordPress to See How Easy It Is? Try It for Free!


Hearing great things about WordPress websites but on the fence about whether or not building your site on this platform is worth it? Should you try WordPress free on their open source system or invest in WordPress.com? Is WordPress easy to use and what’s the learning curve? What makes WordPress different than other website builder options?

These are all valid questions for anyone looking to build their website. Let’s tackle these one at a time to help you make an educated decision on what to do next.

WordPress.org or WordPress.com?

The first hurdle to cross is picking which WordPress platform to use. If you want to try WordPress free of charge, you’ll be using the open source WordPress.org option.

This WordPress-hosting option has been around for years and over 60 million websites are currently on the web because WordPress exists.

However, if you have no web design or development experience there’s a learning curve to building a WordPress website.

WordPress.com was created to solve the barrier to entry problem but it is not a free tool. Not only will users pay to use this website builder, many WordPress.org features and plugins are unavailable to WordPress.com customers. This could limit your ability to build your website the way that you want.

Is WordPress Easy to Use?

It depends. If you are willing to pay for WordPress.com that tool is much easier to use for folks with no history in web design / development. Granted, there are setbacks to what this tool can accomplish.

If you’d like the freedom (in both pay and features) of using WordPress.org instead, you’ll need to invest in an easy-to-use website builder tool, like BoldGrid, to get going. Otherwise, you’ll need to take time learning how to code and design your website on your own.

What Makes WordPress Different?

  1. WordPress.org is open source. This means that no one company or corporation owns it. It is managed and supported by a variety of different people and interests.
  2. Over 60 million users can’t be wrong! This platform is popular because it works and allows users the freedom to build functional and beautiful websites.
  3. Those who build their website on WordPress have full control and are not gated by another company or web developer to access, backup, manage or change their site as needed.
  4. If you want to build a blog on your webpage, no one does it better than WordPress.
  5. WordPress is so big and so often used that there are tons of tools, plugins, themes and other features available to really make your website shine!
  6. WordPress is versatile. Want a blog? Great! Thinking of building an e-commerce site? Cool, it does that. Creating an affiliate program? Yup! Want a webpage that is responsive and interactive? Absolutely! If you can dream it, you can build it in WordPress.
  7. A WordPress website is easy to create, easy to host, easy to use and easy to find online.

Is WordPress Worth It? Try Our Cloud WordPress

It’s hard to go wrong for those looking to try WordPress free. In fact, we actually have a tool that makes it even easier! Try our Boldgrid demo to build out your new website in real time before choosing whether or not to commit to WordPress.

Already have a website? You can transfer it over and create it within our free demo as well. Once it’s built the way you want it, go ahead and share that around to get feedback. Sit on it for a few days. Then come back and make a choice about whether or not WordPress (and BoldGrid) are right for you!