What Are Shortcodes and Why Don’t We Use Them?


What are shortcodes and why don’t we use them in the BoldGrid plugins?

Shortcodes are simplified code snippets you can add to a post or page in WordPress.

The idea behind using shortcodes is that they let you execute complicated background scripts with one simple invocation like this, for example: [do-advanced-stuff].

Shortcodes Are Common in Plugins

You’ll most often see shortcodes being associated with a WordPress plugin.

These little snippets can allow for very specialized and advanced scripting behind the scenes and make your life in WordPress much easier.

However, there’s a downside to all of that convenience.

If you delete the plugin that those shortcodes reference, they become useless.

And worse, you’ll have to go back and delete the shortcodes from any page or post that used them. Otherwise, your site will look cheap.

The BoldGrid Difference

When you build a site in BoldGrid, we believe the sense of ownership you can take over your site is just as important as the tools you used to build it. But what does that sense of ownership mean?

It means that the code on your site is yours to keep forever and do with it as you see fit.

There are too many page builder plugins out there that rely too heavily on shortcodes.

They will have you build your site on the back end using their editor and then erect your layouts on a page or post using shortcodes. This means you will be forever locked into that using plugin or risk losing all of your hard work.

We don’t think that’s a sustainable practice for something as important as your site.

BoldGrid Plugin Helps You Build the Site Faster

We want you to be able to keep your site looking great exactly as it is, even if you decide you don’t want to use our plugin down the road.

If you haven’t given BoldGrid a try yet, but you’re interested in building a great-looking site the fast easy way then give it a try today.