the email contact form on my site did not send email to my mailbox

Stephen Day 10 months ago • updated by christopherm (Customer Community) 10 months ago 3

Hi, Stephen. Are you to enable SMTP from within WordPress? There are plugins that can assist with this to make sure that WordPress is able to send out mail properly. This article from WPForms explains why this is so and recommends plugins.

Christopher-- the form is standard in the Boldgrid template I am using. Form displays with no problem, and "submit" button brings up the expected "We will contact you within 24 hours" response. However, the email is not sent to the default webmail address. 


Hi Stephen,

Thanks for submitting an issue regarding your contact form. Do you have any information about the contact form you're using? For example, are you using WPForms through BoldGrid? Or, are you using a different contact form plugin? Any extra information you have can be helpful in troubleshooting.


Christopher M.