Widgets Position

Mazen Jamal 2 months ago • updated 1 month ago 2

I ame Using the Themes pavillon, and i want to move the position of the slogan widgets few centimeres up ! How i can do this


If you're trying to move something that is not part of the built-in functionality of BoldGrid, then it will require custom coding/design.  Themes are responsively designed, so it's not typically something you can do without possibly affecting other sections of your website. In order to get assistance with this issue you will need to submit a ticket through email (support@boldgrid.com) or through a BoldGrid Central account.  The BoldGrid team will evaluate the issue and if it's a simple change then they will provide you the code.  If it's something that requires major changes, then you may not be able to change it.  In that case you would need to speak with an experienced web designer/developer.

I hope that helps to answer your question! If you require further assistance please let us know!

Arnel C.