BoldGrid Partners with Plesk to Automate BoldGrid Management for Plesk’s 350,000+ Worldwide Servers

BoldGrid News

We are excited to announce BoldGrid has partnered with Plesk, an industry leading web solution platform, to provide BoldGrid in a simple and fast way to Plesk server administrators. BoldGrid eliminates tedious time-consuming developer tasks and includes user-friendly design tools that anyone can use, enabling users to launch and manage WordPress websites in a fraction of the time it would otherwise require. Plesk is leveraging this powerful WordPress solution as a new extension available on its Plesk and Plesk Onyx web hosting platforms, which currently support more than 10 million websites.

“We are very excited to have BoldGrid available now to over 50% of the top 100 hosts in the world,” says Todd Robinson, Chief Executive Officer of BoldGrid. “BoldGrid was born from the problems that web hosts and website owners have been dealing with for years around typical website builder software. By making open source technology like WordPress more approachable and easier to manage, website owners can spend less time configuring plugins and shortcodes while web hosts can improve customer success rates and improve retention.”

BoldGrid makes the perfect addition to the WordPress Toolkit by Plesk; designed to reduce the time and effort it takes to manage WordPress instances. Both fully integrate with Plesk solutions and are available now to all Plesk admins and hosts. “Plesk is consciously working to improve the performance and usability of WordPress and we are very impressed by their WordPress Toolkit; adding BoldGrid on top of their system is a great step in expanding those efforts,” Todd Robinson adds. Plesk already runs on more than 350,000 servers worldwide and growing. Server administrators can take advantage of Plesk’s new WordPress Toolkit and BoldGrid’s automation by enabling the BoldGrid Extension using these tutorials, or simply download the BoldGrid Extension from Plesk and get started! Users interested can view the features or get free trial access to BoldGrid.