BoldGrid 1.5 releases

BoldGrid News

BoldGrid 1.5 is now available.  Update to the new version in your WordPress Admin panel.  In addition to bug fixes and minor updates, this upgrade includes big changes to the BoldGrid Attribution Links BoldGrid Page Builder, and the BoldGrid Form plugins.

Dynamic Blocks

The updated Add Blocks feature makes it even easier to build pages.  Blocks are now dynamically generated, so there are an endless variety of options presented.  Style elements are pulled from the theme, and images are pulled from Unsplash based on the Inspiration category.   Blocks can now be filtered by category.  You can now Delete a Block from the Add Block UI in the BoldGrid Page Builder. 

BoldGrid Premium Connect Keys

BoldGrid Central and Premium Keys are now live.  BoldGrid Central allows any user to purchase or upgrade a Connect Key and purchase coins.  If you have a premium connect key,  your customizer will now have an option to remove the special thanks link.

BoldGrid Parallax Image Support

BoldGrid provides improved support for Parallax Image Styles through the Page Builder.  You can set a section background normally, with a Parallax style, or where the images are fixed while the rest of the page scrolls.   Learn more about adding Parallax Images in our Support Center.  

BoldGrid Menu Improvements

The BoldGrid Customizer now allows you to set multiple layers of navigation in a menu item.  Menu items now support multiple layers and drop downs in all themes.

BoldGrid Recommended Plugins

WooCommerce is now officially recommended for use with BoldGrid for eCommerce sites.  All themes have been reviewed to ensure compatibility with WooCommerce.  The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe is officially recommended for adding a calendar and events to a BoldGrid site.  We have guides in our Support Center on Installing The Events Calendar, Adding The Events Calendar to your site, and Adding a New Event to your calendar.

BoldGrid Forms

The default integrated form builder for BoldGrid has changed to WPForms.  This will be installed by default for all new installations.  NinjaForms version 2 has reached its End of Life, and will no longer get updates moving forward.  There will be a new version of NinjaForms coming very soon.  

BoldGrid Plugin Installer

You can now install BoldGrid plugins directly from the dashboard as an alternative to the installer in BoldGrid themes “Recommended Plugins” panel.    There are three actions available depending on the states of your BoldGrid plugins. You are able to Activate plugins that are Deactivated: You are able to Install BoldGrid plugins that you don’t currently have installed: You are able to Update BoldGrid plugins that might have pending updates by clicking the “Update now” link in the notice displayed for outdated plugins: The update and install features on this page should be pulling the versions from your selected release channel ( candidate, edge, and stable ). Each action should give you an indication of success or failure depending on the situation.

BoldGrid Connect Search

There are now additional image sources available for the BoldGrid Connect Search which make it even easier to find the perfect image.  Images from Unsplash are being used in a range of different places to provide even better-looking images. For the licensed images, options will be pulled from 123RF as the default image provider.  This replaces Fotolia for all premium images.