How to Use BoldGrid’s SEO Plugin

WordPress SEO

SEO means “Search Engine Optimization.” Improving SEO makes it easier to find your site through search engines like Google. BoldGrid’s SEO Plugin for WordPress provides simple, real-time suggestions to improve your website’s SEO. While editing each page, it analyzes your writing and page elements to find areas requiring improvement.

If you are a BoldGrid user, simply download the SEO plugin from the dashboard. Once installed, activate it, then open a page for editing. Now, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the tool already at work. BoldGrid SEO Plugin It provides feedback utilizing a traffic light inspired color scheme. Red means stop to make major edits. Yellow warns that the page may need some tweaking. Green equals good to go. The BoldGrid SEO plugin focuses only on key areas that search engines check when ranking your page. It splits these elements into three menu items on the left sidebar of your page. These tools identify and explain how to improve each page and post while you edit them (just in case you are not already an SEO expert). BoldGrid SEO Plugin - Keyword Phrase

Keyword Phrase

The first section scores your use of keywords. Good SEO requires the proper use of keywords and/or phrases that should appear on a particular page. The Keyword Tool both identifies on-page elements that need improvement (such as keyword density and location), as well as “behind the scenes” insights on how search engines read and rank your page’s keywords. To do this, it checks whether your keywords appear in header tags, whether your content contains your target keyword or phrase, and how often they appear. It also shows you how to properly deploy images, including the correct use of image titles and “alt tags” that contain your keywords.

Title and Description

The SEO title provides the name of your page to both search engines and site visitors. This section allows you to edit the title and description of your page for Search Engine Optimization logic. BoldGrid SEO Plugin - Title & Description It provides guidance on proper SEO Title and Description lengths, as well as whether you used the target keyword or phrase in the description (an SEO best practice). Current best practices recommend using 70 characters or less for an SEO page title, while descriptions should remain under 300 characters. BoldGrid’s SEO plugin tells you exactly where you stand as you type, saving you time and effort.

Search Visibility

Search Visibility allows you to decide whether to allow search engines to follow a page or its elements (like links or the URL slug). Sometimes, preventing search engines from indexing a particular page or its elements can actually boost SEO. Although the SEO Plugin defaults to allowing search engines to follow every page and link, this tool allows you to manually select whether to prevent search engines from doing so. BoldGrid SEO Plugin - Search Visibility

Simplified SEO

As you can see, the SEO Plugin is as simple to use as BoldGrid itself. Get started today and watch your business jump ahead in search rankings.