Make Link Building Work for You

Make Link Building Work For You

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When we talk about link building and SEO, we’re talking about the essential feature of the web that ties everything together: links.

Links are like the currency of the web. When you link to a website through your blog or pages, you’re paying a vote of confidence to that site. And that confidence is often rewarded by search engines (whose job it is to rank evaluate pages based on quality and recommend them to users).

If you’ve earned a following for your site by having people all across the web sharing your links then you’ve found yourself in the desirable position of being an authority in your area.

But this doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of hard work. But without a basic knowledge of the art of link building, you’d be starting from shakier ground. So let’s get started.

How Link Building Can Work For You

Link building is a highly specialized area of marketing under the broader category of SEO (search engine optimization). It involves making carefully targeted decisions about how links are used not only on your site, but especially about how they’re finding their own way out onto the greater web.

  • Are you sharing your links in the right places?
  • Are you crafting desirable links?
  • Are you creating meaningful content that people on the web will want to link back to?

Think Outside of the Search Engine

Not all of your link building efforts should be geared solely at influencing the robots. Remember that the ultimate goal of all this is to build authority from around the greater web.

Have you considered guest blogging for a bigger site? There are many sites that accept submissions for blog posts, and they may even give you a blurb at the bottom about you (this is a great place to drop your link).

Consider Giving Something Back

These days, people expect to get a little something for free from their favorite websites. Often, little enticements like a free PDF, eBook, or video tutorial can generate a sale down the road. At the very least, this an easy way to get your links out there.

Use Our WordPress SEO Plugin

Part of your link building strategy will rely on the keywords you’re trying to rank for. Our WordPress SEO plugin will help you rank for those keywords by making sure you’re adequately representing them on your pages. Don’t leave anything to chance. We can help you take your game to the next level.