Is BoldGrid for Me?

I have never built a site before, is this for me?

Yes, BoldGrid is exactly what you should use. Keep in mind many web builders out there don’t even give you ownership of your site after you have built it. BoldGrid also has the tools, services, and support to manage your website for years to come.

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Do I own my site?

Yes, sites you make using BoldGrid and WordPress are your sites. Unlike many competitors, BoldGrid does not claim your creations. After building you can use the Total Upkeep to save a copy of the website’s code.

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I have used WordPress for years, why do I need BoldGrid?

BoldGrid themes and plugins were designed for the DIY web designer who would normally purchase from a competitor of WordPress like Wix or Squarespace. BoldGrid services, such as Cloud WordPress and Speed Coach, are valuable tools for all stages of website development.

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I am on, can I use BoldGrid?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot, BoldGrid is built for “self-hosting” WordPress only. You will need to get web hosting first, and then you can export your content. We should probably have a support article on this to link to.

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Do you have “functionality X” in BoldGrid?

BoldGrid is built on WordPress and therefore has the single largest community of designers, developers, marketers, and content creators in the world. More functionality is available for BoldGrid than any other web builder in the world. You can search the Plugin Directory at

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Can I deactivate BoldGrid if I don’t like it?

Yes, although we hope you like BoldGrid, you can deactivate or even delete the plugins, themes, and content BoldGrid added to your WordPress installation. It’s important to remember that deactivating BoldGrid plugins can remove functionality from your site, like the native sliders in the Post and Page Builder. If you were looking to stop running your site with WordPress, our official hosts support other ways of running sites. Please check with them.

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Is BoldGrid in my language?

We are actively working on adding translations. Much of WordPress is translated already and we will follow the same process with BoldGrid.

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Getting Started with BoldGrid

What does BoldGrid cost?

You can start using BoldGrid for free today. No credit-card required.

BoldGrid is an ecosystem of plugins, themes, and services, the community versions of which you can use for free. In order to use our themes and plugins you will need to have web hosting for your WordPress website. If you don’t currently have a hosting plan, check out our list of web hosting partners that offer BoldGrid with their plans!

To take advantage of everything BoldGrid has to offer, we have packages starting at $20/year. View pricing.

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Does BoldGrid include web hosting?

BoldGrid does not provide web hosting or domains. If you would like to try the WordPress platform before purchasing hosting you can do so using Cloud WordPress. It’s important to remember that Cloud WordPress is not permanent hosting as it’s on a demo URL. If you need web hosting, we have web host partners that provide a seamless experience using BoldGrid with WordPress.

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I already have hosting and WordPress, how do I get BoldGrid?

A customer of any host can use BoldGrid, as long as your site is on the WordPress platform. You will need to install BoldGrid by downloading the plugins(s) from BoldGrid Central and then uploading/activating it in your WordPress admin menu.

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Does BoldGrid provide support?

BoldGrid has a library of support articles with step by step instructions where BoldGrid users can find help with all BoldGrid products and services, including:

Anyone can create a thread in our Facebook User Group, our user community, moderated by BoldGrid professionals. Users who have a Premium Key or Premium products have a dedicated ticket based support team ready to help them.

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How do I become a hosting partner?

For contacting us in regards to partnership opportunities, email or fill out the form at the bottom of our Hosting Partner page.

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Using BoldGrid

How can I build a website?

BoldGrid makes it easy for anyone to create a website, whether this is your 1st or 101st! You can try them out in our Cloud WordPress environment, a great way to demo WordPress without hosting.

For those new to making websites we recommend starting with our Website Builder, where you start with a fully responsive design template complete with text and images. Use the included Post and Page Builder plugin to drag and drop the content around as you replace it with your own. Try Now

If you are a more experienced web professional, our latest release is just for you. BoldGrid Crio has an advanced Customizer so you can fine tune your design like never before. Try Now

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What is a BoldGrid Connect Key?

A BoldGrid Connect Key is a link from your website to the BoldGrid system. Our plugins and themes ask for a key to be entered in the WordPress admin prior to use. We have free and paid Connect Keys available, please visit our pricing page to learn more about the types of Connect Keys.

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What is BoldGrid Central?

BoldGrid Central allows you to manage all aspects of your BoldGrid account. It is your personal dashboard to:

  • Download BoldGrid plugins and themes
  • Use BoldGrid services
  • Manage your Cloud WordPress websites
  • Create Connect Keys
  • Update contact information

A BoldGrid Central account is required to use BoldGrid products and services. Signup is free, no credit card required. You can easily sign in using a social media account.

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What are coins used for and how do I purchase them?

Coins can be purchased from within your BoldGrid Central account. Use Copyright Coins for stock photos that require an additional purchase. Keep in mind that BoldGrid already offers many free, high-quality stock photos that don’t need to be purchased with Copyright Coins.

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