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Covering How You Get It, Hosting, Copyright Coins, and More

You may also be looking for support on an existing install. You can try our Community Support, or go to your Official Host to get individual support – InMotion Hosting or Web Hosting Hub .

I have never built a site before, is this for me?

Yes, BoldGrid is exactly what you should use – check out the Intro Video for full details. Keep in mind most web builders out there don’t even give you ownership of your site after you have built it. As long as you stay with one of our Official Hosts for one year, you own your site.

What does BoldGrid cost?

The web builder actually doesn’t cost anything, but you will need to have or open a hosting account to run the software. We currently have two Official Hosts, so if you are a client of InMotion Hosting or Web Hosting Hub, you can start using it today. Go to our Get It Now page for details.

Do I own my site?

Yes, sites you make using BoldGrid and WordPress are your sites. Unlike many competitors, BoldGrid does not claim your creations. The cost of the BoldGrid software is being covered by your Official Host, your purchase of Support through BoldGrid, or by purchases you make through our marketplace.

Do you have “functionality X” in BoldGrid?

BoldGrid is built on WordPress and therefore has the single largest community of designers, developers, marketers, and content creators in the world. More functionality is available for BoldGrid than any other web builder in the world. You can search the Plugin Directory at

I am with one of your Official Hosts already, how do I get BoldGrid?

Please go here for InMotion Hosting’s instructions or here for Web Hosting Hub’s instructions.

I already have hosting and WordPress, how do I get BoldGrid?

Currently, you must be a customer of Web Hosting Hub or InMotion Hosting to use the full BoldGrid system. If you are fairly knowledgeable about WordPress, you can sign up for the Beta Public Release of BoldGrid here to get an invitation when it opens up.

I am on, can I use BoldGrid?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot, BoldGrid is built for “self-hosting” WordPress only. You will need to get a hosting account from one of our Official Hosts first, but then you can export your content.

I have used WordPress for years, why do I need BoldGrid?

BoldGrid was designed for the DIY webmaster who would normally purchase from a competitor of WordPress like Wix or Squarespace. Since BoldGrid automates many repetitive tasks and adds functionality like Staging, you may find it saves you time. It may not be a fit for you though, but we hope you would recommend BoldGrid as an alternative to other web builders.

Is BoldGrid in my language?

Currently, we are working on adding translations now. Much of WordPress is translated already and we will follow the same process with BoldGrid. If you are active in the WordPress community and can do translations, we are currently hiring WordPress experts to help us.

Can I deactivate BoldGrid if I don’t like it?

Yes, although we hope you like BoldGrid, you can deactivate or even delete the plugins, themes, and content BoldGrid added to your WordPress. Deactivating the plugins should not affect your web site, but it will prevent updates for plugins, themes, content, pages, images, etc. that were previously managed by BoldGrid. If you also were looking to stop running your site with WordPress, our official hosts support other ways of running sites. Please check with them.

I didn’t find a theme I liked, can you make me one?

Yes, we are committed to helping you launch your site and a great theme is a big part of this. We have three options for you.

  • Free – You enter a request for additional themes for a particular category. That request goes in a queue and our team of designers take the most requested category each week and make additional themes. There is no turn around time since it depends on popularity of the category requested.
  • Paid – You contract with InMotion Hosting’s Design Department or Web Hosting Hub’s Custom Designers and they will make you a theme specifically for you. Turn around is typically 4-6 weeks.
  • Paid – Select one of our recommended contractors. Costs, availability, and turn around vary considerably but we have worked with these businesses a lot over the years.
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