What is the Best WordPress Backup Plugin?

WordPress Backups

Website data loss can be caused by many different things—like hardware failure, database corruption, and plugin and CMS updates. Backing up your website is important since it can help secure your data. With a backup in place, if anything were to happen to your website, you could restore the backup and your website would be back online in minutes.Hardware failure and corruption are not the only reasons to make a backup. If you make a change to your website and wish to revert back to an earlier design, your options are limited without a backup. Website backups are also important for recovering from user accidents.What makes the best WordPress backup plugin the best? Simplicity, ease-of-use, and convenience are key. Creating a backup of your website shouldn’t be a complicated process, or take much time.

Which WordPress Backup Plugin Has the Best Set of Features?

We reviewed several of the most popular backup plugins. We compared features, cost, and automation. Each plugin has its positives and negatives, but we feel that the Total Upkeep Plugin offers the most features and power compared to others. Let’s look over several of the Total Upkeep Plugin features.

Complete Automation

With BoldGrid’s WordPress backup plugin, you don’t have to worry about logging into your website each time you need a backup. It allows you to set a schedule along with a specific time when you want the backup to run. It’s easy—just go through the quick initial setup and you’re all set.

Backup Storage

The Total Upkeep Plugin gives you the ability to store your backup either on your current web server or connect to an FTP/SFTP connection to store it elsewhere. Using the premium version of the plugin, you can also store backups in your Amazon S3 account.

Retention Rate

Retention rate is important since it can affect the overall storage space that’s available. The Total Upkeep Plugin allows you to retain up to 10 backups of your WordPress site. This can be incredibly helpful if you are making several changes to your website over a period of time, and may potentially need to restore from several backups ago.

Additional Features

Not only does the Total Upkeep Plugin take backups, it also gives you the ability to set when your updates run and to ensure that a backup runs before updates do. It also has an auto-rollback feature, meaning that if WordPress has troubles with running updates, it will automatically restore the most recent backup.Automation is a great feature for a backup plugin to have. It is helpful to know that the backup ran without you having to take any action. The BoldGrid Total Upkeep Plugin notifies you via email when a backup is automatically run, and gives you a quick overview. This allows you to see at a glance that your backups are working properly.

How Do I Access My Backup? Is It in a Special Format?

After you complete your first backup, it will be listed in the Total Upkeep Plugin dashboard—which is located within the WordPress dashboard. With the premium version, if you configured the backup to be stored in Amazon S3 or FTP account, the zip file will be in that location.Backups taken are not formatted in a proprietary file type. This gives you complete control, since you can unzip the file and see all the files as if they were directly on the server.


Having a backup of your website is important. Not only does it give you a peace-of-mind in case your website gets hacked, but also if you inadvertently break something during your day-to-day website content and design maintenance. Using the Total Upkeep Plugin, you can easily schedule backups for your website. The complete automation along with retention rate and storage location options make the Total Upkeep Plugin stand out from other WordPress backup plugins.