Why Should I Backup My WordPress Website?

WordPress Backups

A lot of time and work goes into building a WordPress website. But what if something happened to your site? If it’s not backed up, you could lose it permanently. Bad things do happen to websites. Here are a few things that could go wrong with yours:
  • It could get hacked, inserted with malware and infected code.
  • Incompatible plugins could be installed, breaking the site.
  • A small error in the theme code could cause site-wide breakage.
  • Your server hardware could fail.
  • You could accidentally remove core files.
Some of these issues are serious enough to completely break your website or cause permanent loss of data.

Why Backup Your WordPress Website?

Protection against hacks: Unfortunately, websites are hacked every day. Setting up security for your website is important, but even with solid security and updated passwords, your website can still be hacked due to a WordPress vulnerability. Having a backup of your website using the Total Upkeep Plugin protects against hacks, since you can easily restore your website to a state before the hack happened. Accidents happen: Anyone who works in web design and development knows that accidents happen. When you break the layout of your website, a website backup allows you to revert quickly to what it was, without any hassle or worry. Some hosts advertise backups as an ongoing service as opposed to a plugin you control. With a service, there can be limitations on how much is backed up and you don’t have any way to ensure that the backup is completing properly. Even though backups may be offered, most hosting providers will have a clause in their terms of service which will state that they are not held responsible if something happens to the backup. Not a very comforting situation. This is why having your own backup solution is invaluable. You get to backup as often as you want, and save local copies of your backup.

How to Backup Your Website

Backing up your website is a straightforward and quick process using the Total Upkeep Plugin.
  • Follow our step-by-step guide on how to install the Total Upkeep Plugin.
  • Once installed, configure the plugin to automatically manage the backups for you.
  • After it’s configured, you don’t have to worry about running backups manually since the BoldGrid Total Upkeep Plugin will take care of everything for you. It even emails you once each backup is complete.
You don’t have to use a BoldGrid-themed website to use the BoldGrid Total Upkeep Plugin. It will backup any WordPress-based website. Love automation? Simply set when you want the backup to run along with the frequency, and your website will then be backed up without any worry. Watch your email for a confirmation each time it runs.

Setting up the Plugin Is Simple

Backing up your website is critical since websites are hacked and infected with viruses every day. The Total Upkeep Plugin brings an incredible set of features which provide worry-free backups through incredible automation. Setting up the plugin is simple. Download the free version today.