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    It is showing me that a BoldGrid Component is not working so my list category posts widget isn’t working. I had them on pages to list my posts with a photo, title and excerpt but now they aren’t there. When I try to add a new one I can get a plain text list of the post titles, but when I click on thumbnail and excerpt nothing happens – these aren’t added in.

    In trying to do some other work on my site I deleted BoldGrid Gallery from my plugins because I didn’t think I was using it…was I actually for that widget?! I now can’t even find that in the plugins section – I only see the Post & Page builder which I have and use and the Premium version – was Gallery somehow a premium thing? I’ve never paid for anything.

    Jesse Owens

    Hello Sara-

    Thanks for reaching out, and thanks for using the Premium Post and Page Builder for WordPress.

    I’ll answer the easy questions first. Your BoldGrid Premium account is included with your DreamHost subscription, since they’re one of our Platinum web hosting partners, so you’re right, you don’t pay anything separately.

    Deleting the BoldGrid Gallery plugin wouldn’t have any effect on your Post List widgets. If you’re happy with another gallery plugin or even the built-in WordPress galleries, that’s totally fine.

    You mentioned that you have Post and Page Builder Premium in your list of plugins. I’d like to double-check that you have both the main Post and Page Builder and the Post and Page Builder Premium plugins installed and active. Both are needed for the Post List widget to work.

    With those out of the way, onto the main issue about the widget not working.

    I double-checked the widget together with the Astra Theme, and in my testing everything worked correctly, so I suspect something else might be going on. I checked out your website, and I think I’ve spotted one of the pages with the issue, on “Mom Moments,” where there’s a gap in between the two paragraphs. Please correct me if I’m wrong about that.

    You mentioned that these were working before, but now it’s just empty like that. Was anything major done to the website since they were working? One big thing I noticed is that your site is heavily minified and optimized through NitroCDN. The code that should be there for your post list widget is simply missing altogether, so I’m wondering if somehow the minification eliminated it. I glanced through their documentation but I didn’t find much there about similar issues to this. Can you try temporarily deactivating the HTML and Asset minification through there, and see if that resolves the issue? That way we can either eliminate that as a possibility or look at troubleshooting further.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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