WordPress: Page Builder Plugin

WordPress Page Builder

Building a WordPress website can be a challenge. The WordPress content management system (CMS) does not have an easy way of editing and designing beautiful pages. What is the most effective way to build a beautiful website? A page builder plugin can help simplify the entire design and development process through using a drag and drop interface. Some page builders require some coding knowledge in order to function properly. Other page builders can be so basic that you are restricted to making minimal changes. Today, we’re going to look at the BoldGrid page editor, a page builder packed with tools and features.

What is the BoldGrid Page Builder Plugin?

BoldGrid Page Builder is one of the fastest ways to create page layouts with WordPress. This page editor is a drag-and-drop What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) WordPress editor. It gives you complete control over your page layout and design, allowing you to let your creativity go wild with creating beautiful websites. Without needing to know any coding knowledge, the BoldGrid page editor is a complete live editor, meaning that when you need to make a change, simply drag-and-drop, and click publish. You may be wondering, what if I know code and I want to make manual CSS changes? The BoldGrid editor allows you to make these changes using the text editor. Having the ability to add icons, section backgrounds, row design, along with advanced text editing options, BoldGrid is a powerful tool packed with features.

Additional Features

BoldGrid page editor comes with tons of additional features. With thousands of mobile friendly themes, you can make sure your website is not only accessible on desktops, but also on all mobile devices. Creating page layouts has not been easier. With dozens of pre-built layouts, simply select the layout, updated the content, and you have just built a beautiful page on your website. BoldGrid also introduced a new feature called “blocks”. Blocks are the sections on each page where you can place elements, allowing for your pages to have proper margins and spacing. BoldGrid page builder also included image filters, Google fonts, as well as additional mobile responsive web elements.

How to Get Started with BoldGrid

To get started with BoldGrid page editor, it is super simple. Visit the BoldGrid page builder page and click the “Try now” button. Enter in the requested information and you are on your way to building a beautiful website. Building a WordPress website without a page builder can be challenge. With all of the different page builder options, it can be hard to know which option is the best. The BoldGrid page builder plugin allows you to focus on your content, not the coding of your website. Build a beautiful website using the BoldGrid page editor. Click here to try BoldGrid page editor for free.