Icon Search in the Post and Page Builder

Icon Search in the Post and Page Builder

WordPress Page Builder

Icons play a crucial role in web design, contributing to the overall aesthetics and usability of a website. They serve as visual cues, helping users navigate and understand content more intuitively. However, finding the perfect icon from a vast collection can be a time-consuming task. Scrolling through an extensive icon list may hinder productivity and creativity, leading you to compromise on design choices.

To address this problem, the latest version of our WordPress page builder plugin, the Post and Page Builder, comes with a Search Box feature at the top of the icon selection popover. This addition allows you to quickly and efficiently find the desired icon by typing a keyword.

Time-Saving: The Search Box eliminates the need for endless scrolling, saving users valuable time in the design process.

Increased Productivity: With a streamlined icon selection process, users can focus more on the creative aspects of their websites, enhancing overall productivity.

We aim to empower WordPress users to create visually stunning websites, effortlessly. Update to version 1.26.1 today and experience the convenience of the Search Box for yourself.

Happy designing!