Tab Sections in BoldGrid’s Premium Page Builder

Tab Sections in BoldGrid’s Premium Page Builder

WordPress Page Builder

The newest release of the Post and Page Builder Premium includes a Tab Block. Tabs allow you to place several sections of content in a single block. They are useful for putting more information in a small space.

However, your visitor has to click the tab link to see the content. So you can never be sure every visitor will view all the tabs. Use tabs for displaying extra, but not required, information.

Tabs are a great way to show pricing, like shown below:

Tab Section in the WordPress Page Builder

This could have taken up 3x as much screen space, but tabs allow you to show all the pricing in a compact section.

When using tabs put the most important information in the first tab, as it is visible on the page by default. Additional tabs will engage users who want to learn more. Google and other search engines will index content and headings in all tabs. This is because all tabbed content is in the HTML markup.

You can put almost any element in a tabbed section, including text, images, icons, and tables. There are some limitations due to code conflicts, so for example we do not recommend adding a slider to a tab. You can learn more in our support article.