Mega Menus in BoldGrid Crio Theme

Mega Menus in BoldGrid Crio

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The recent release of BoldGrid Crio Premium added a new feature – Mega Menus! Using the drag and drop functionality of the Post and Page Builder, you can create a custom menu dropdown from the editor. This makes styling your menu easier than other Mega Menu plugins that require you to work in the wp-admin instead of a WYSIWYG interface. Almost anything that you can put in a post or page, you can now place into a custom Mega Menu.

Mega Menu dropdowns can fill the entire screen, or be limited to a fixed pixel or percentage width. On mobile, they collapse down like other menu dropdowns and the user can click the + icon to open the content.

Mega Menu Mobile Design

You can use this new feature to show a map and contact information from the menu, like shown below. You can still link your actual contact page from the button for additional content.

Mega Menu Example - Contact

Want to get more eyes on your blog? Showcase your latest blog post with a Blog Widget!

Mega Menu - Blog Post Example

If you want content on your website but don’t have enough to fill an entire page, you can add it as a Mega Menu. Show off your team and links to their socials right from the menu, like shown here.

Full Width Mega Menu

We also have a short YouTube video demonstrating the feature:


For additional information, please read how to create and add a Mega Menu Item with step by step instructions.