When is a WordPress Theme considered a SuperTheme?

WordPress Themes

When a web developer is starting a new WordPress website, whether it’s for a client or for a new business of their own, the first thing they’ll usually do is start shopping for a WordPress Theme that fits their vision. But what if there was a theme that could fit any vision? That’s a  SuperTheme. 


Crio is Portuguese for “I Create.”

Crio represents a new era for WordPress Themes. When we originally created the BoldGrid Theme Framework, our aim was to make it easier for developers to create their own themes quickly. With Crio, we’ve updated the framework to make it easy for anyone to create their own theme.

Customize Every Detail

The Crio Customizer, with unprecedented controls for your WordPress Theme

With over 400 individual controls available to you, you can control everything

  • 6-Color palette— choose your own or use the advanced palette generator
  • Header, footer, and sidebars in any combination
  • Typography— choose any combination for Headings, Menus, and Body text
  • Menus— Hover styles, animations, borders, spacing and over 30 individual hamburger designs
  • Design— full control over Page, Post, and Blog & Archive templates
  • Much, much more – Try it for yourself and see!

Designer- and Developer-Friendly

Crio includes built-in tools for adding custom JavaScript and CSS to your WordPress website. Designers will love the freedom that it provides to directly change any aspect of the Theme directly from the WordPress Customizer and Dashboard. Developers will love the intuitive Theme API provided by the BoldGrid Theme Framework.

Serving the Community First

We’ve made Crio available to the entire world and the WordPress community for free. The community version includes over 250 theme controls, and the premium provides nearly 450.