Crio is one of the best WordPress themes around

5 Reasons Crio is the Best WordPress Theme Around

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Meet Crio, an awesome  WordPress theme from BoldGrid. It is not just any old theme, however. Crio is a SuperTheme. With Crio you can do things that you never thought possible with your WordPress. We have advanced adjustments for almost every element globally in the Customizer, and if you use our WordPress Page Builder in conjunction, you are guaranteed to build faster, get better results and love the outcome. 

Follow with me as I outline the reasons I think BoldGrid’s Crio is the Best WordPress Theme around. 

  1. The Easiest WordPress Customizer Options
  2. Built with Compatibility in Mind
  3. Built with Performance in Mind
  4. Tightly Integrated with our WordPress Plugins
  5. You can try it for Free

The Easiest WordPress Theme Customizer Options

BoldGrid Crio is a powerful WordPress theme that will let your creativity run wild. Options in the Customizer will let you make changes in ways never possible with other WordPress themes.  Most themes that are available for WordPress have limits, especially with your free options. Options that someone else decided on forever keep you in the box they had in mind. 

Not with Crio, this is a WordPress theme that lets you customize every aspect of your website’s header font, footer, sidebar and more. You can set a ton of global options in the customizer, and override them on a per post or page basis when you edit them individually using our WordPress page builder. 

This type of freedom is much different than the other WordPress theme you are used to. With BoldGrid Crio, you have absolute control over what your finished website will look like. 

Built with WordPress Compatibility in Mind

We regularly test Crio and its compatibility with all the major plugins from WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Jetpack to bbPress, Yoast, and all the best WordPress contact form plugins. 

Run into an issue with Crio and your favorite plugin? We would love to hear about it, and help to resolve it in a release. Drop your feedback either on our bug reporting portal, or at our GitHub repositories for BoldGrid and W3 Edge. 

Crio is based on the Bootstrap Framework, but so much more is included. It has seamless integration with BoldGrid’s WordPress Page Builder, and weForms WordPress contact form plugin. Also included in this WordPress theme are tons of Google Fonts ready to use, and FontAwesome icons for Social Media menus. 

The idea behind Crio is simple: Take WordPress and make it easier and more customizable. So if you need to get online now, this is the theme you want to check out now!

Built with WordPress Performance in Mind

Crio is built by the same team that builds and maintains W3 Total Cache. Because of this, we are always thinking about the performance of your WordPress website. We are also very responsive and want our products to do what you need. 

We welcome your feedback on our GitHub Repositories for both BoldGrid, and W3-Edge. If you have ideas for things we can do to better accommodate your performance needs, we will gladly work with you or accept contributions. 

Since when have you seen a company that develops both the best WordPress theme and the best WordPress performance plugin? Just kidding, we are modest and humble. Crio is one of the best. 🙂

Tightly Integrated with our WordPress Plugins

We have a suite of WordPress themes and plugins to help you build, manage and grow your WordPress website. Everything from managing backups, updates, migrations and more. We have you covered.  Our suite includes the following products:

WordPress Page Builder – Our Post and Page Builder uses WordPress Blocks to create your content, and build faster and more beautifully than ever before. 

WordPress Website Builder – BoldGrid Inspirations helps you to build your website in minutes, with starter content and functionality out of the bold. 

WordPress Backup Plugin – Total Upkeep helps you maintain your site, without spending your precious time. Updates, WordPress Migrations, Transfers and Backups are now easier than ever before. 

Cloud WordPress – WordPress staging instances to help you test plugin updates, theme and content changes and much more. Spin up a site in minutes and see for yourself. 

WordPress SEO – Our Easy SEO makes it easier than you can imagine to write quality, high ranking SEO content. Real time. Just follow the suggestions and watch your audience grow!

WordPress Speed Test – With Speed Coach, easily test your website performance on a schedule. Never lose a sale again by keeping your performance and speed optimal. 

WordPress Performance – With W3 Total Cache, you have the ability to speed your website up exponentially. Speed directly correlates to conversion rates and rankings, so act now!

You can try Crio, a WordPress Theme for Free!

Think we are playing? No joke – to get started it is totally free. We have some really insane free features you will love, and later when you are ready – you can upgrade to Pro and get some of the coolest features you have seen in a WordPress theme. Start for free now!