Drop a Layout Anywhere

Drop a Layout Anywhere and See What Happens

WordPress Page Builder

One of my favorite features of the BoldGrid Post and Page Builder is being able to drop layouts as I go.

You can easily add “Blocks” to any page. You can even create a new page from a pre-defined block. But if you’re like me, you may cherish the opportunity to start with a blank canvas and throw ideas around.

This is where the “add a layout anywhere” feature becomes a fun and effective way to add intuitive content areas to your pages.

Differences Between Blocks and Layouts

Blocks are complete layouts with colors, images, icons, and example written content. Layouts are a little less complicated, though they will still have example content. But instead of getting a full page, you’ll get some page elements you can play around with. For example, you can get a few columns of text with or without an area for an image.

You can think of a block as pretty much complete while a layout gives you an opportunity to do more unique tweaking.

Mixing and Matching

The great thing about dropping in layouts is that you can mix and match content using the drag handles. You can move layouts up and down, clone, or delete them.

For example, one thing I like to do is drop two layouts onto a blank page and work the same content into both of them. Then you can compare them side by side.

If I like one more than the other, I simply the delete the other one and proceed with my other edits.

Endless Options With Our Website Builder

Using Blocks and Layouts creatively makes BoldGrid both powerful and fun. There’s no limit to the amount of options you have for tweaking, mixing, and matching.