How to Change Your WordPress Login URL

How To

All WordPress websites have the /wp-admin login URL. While it’s super easy to remember, the wp-admin URL opens a possible door for a security threat. Hackers and bots can easily target that specific URL. Leaving your WordPress URL with the generic wp-admin can put your website at risk. Today, we want to share with you how to easily change the URL so you can keep your website secure.

How to Update your Login URL

To get started, you will want to login to your BoldGrid website. Once logged in, go ahead and click the ‘Plugins’ menu item.

Next, Click the ‘Add New’ button and then search for ‘WPS Hide login’. You will see a plugin with a similar icon to the image below:

Go ahead and ‘Install” and then ‘Activate’ the plugin. You have completed the hardest part of changing your login URL.

Leaving your WordPress URL with the generic /wp-admin can put your website at risk.

The last step is to actually change the URL. After activating the plugin, click on the ‘Settings’ menu. Next, scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you will see the option to change the specific URL.

Under ‘Login url’ remove ‘login’ from the text field and enter whatever URL you want to use. Before you click save, we recommend that you write down that specific URL. Once you click save, you will officially be using the new login URL.

Congratulations on changing your login URL!

As you see, this process wasn’t hard and you just protected your BoldGrid website from a potential hack.