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The Post and Page Builder includes Shape Dividers. Using design elements between sections helps users find the information they need easier.

Each section, or BoldGrid Block, can have a design added to the top and/or bottom. The color from the adjacent section is used in for blending in the divider, like shown below. The shapes use grays because the sections have a white background.

Section Dividers

Shape Divider Designs

There are over 20 unique styles to choose from. Each one can be further modified with width and height sliders to perfect the design.

Section Divider examples

How to Add Shape Dividers in WordPress

Please keep in mind that a design cannot be used between two image backgrounds – one background must be a solid color. Add the shape divider to the section with the background image to achieve the desired effect.

  • Click anywhere in the section where you want to add a Shape Divider
  • In the DropTab, click Shape Dividers
    Shape Dividers in DropTab
  • At the top of the Section Dividers panel, click on Top or Bottom to choose where the shape will go
    Shape divider location selection
  • Choose your desired Shape from the list
  • If you notice a gap between the section background and the shape, use the Flip Horizontally option
    Flip Shape Divider
  • Use the Divider Width and Divider Height sliders to finalize the design


I changed background colors but the shape divider didn’t update

If you change the background color of a section next to a Shape Divider, you will have to re-create the Shape Divider to pull the new color. In this example, we changed the orange background to blue but the swirls are still orange.

Changed Section Background Colors

  • Click in the section with the Shape Divider
  • In the DropTab, click Shape Dividers
  • Choose the same design again and the color will update

Click the image below to load a video to watch how it is done:

Recreate Shape Divider Design





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