Use Your Emojis Wisely

Use Your Emojis Wisely ? (What You Need To Know)

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Are you ready to join the emoji revolution?

Well, it’s not exactly a revolution. It’s more of a trend. But, you can easily add these colorful icons into our Post and Page Builder. And we’ll show you how.

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Why Use Emojis On Your Pages?

Why would you want to use these? ?

Emojis are not just for text messages anymore. We’re seeing them pop up everywhere from blog post headlines to email newsletter subject headings and even in print and video media.

Emojis have become a popular shorthand for expressing emotions and adding immediacy to your content.

How To Add Emojis to the Post and Page Builder

BoldGrid’s Post and Page Builder is a complete WordPress editor. This means you can add all kinds of special HTML elements to your pages with just a few clicks.

Emojis are text-based. This means they use little code snippets that are later interpreted.
Your emojis will render differently depending on what kind of device is displaying the content. So choose wisely.

For Mac users: Just click Ctrl + Command + Space bar. This will bring up an emoji selector.

For Windows users: click Windows key + Period (.) or Semi-colon (;).

For Linux users: you will need to install an emoji font library or simple copy/paste emojis from websites like Emojipedia.

Future Applications

Now that you’ve got your emojis locked and loaded, how will you use them?

Many blogs are now using emojis in their headlines for posts or pages. Emojis work well in headlines because they break up the word content and help draw a reader’s eye. ?

Similarly, using an emoji in an email subject heading may help your email stand out in a cluttered Inbox.

Even in the body of your content, an emoji sprinkled here or there may help communicate an emotion if you’re having trouble getting your point across with words alone.

However you choose to use your emojis, remember to keep your overall content strategy in mind. If you don’t think emojis are a good fit for you audience, don’t use them.

But if you think this little icons will give you an edge, you should definitely consider them.