Boldlife Episode 10

Mendel Kurland

It’s our 10th show! Join MikeDemo LIVE at the GoDaddy Offices at WordCamp Europe in Belgrade, Serbia along with his guest Mendel from GoDaddy. This extended show will focus on what we are looking forward to at WordCamp Europe, life on the road, and Mendel’s new community “Geek Adventures”.

This past week, Mike Demo traveled to Hamilton in Ontario, Canada to attend WordCamp Hamilton. Rising early, we got everything set up and ready to go at the McMaster Innovation Park center.

The morning started off with an excellent workshop from Brian Hogg, the creator of the Event Calendar Newsletter and The Events Calendar Shortcode. Brian shared how to create, maintain, as well as support a plugin for Brian didn’t just focus on the technical details, but shared unique tips and techniques on how to make your plugin more popular.

Mike shared a session about A/B testing and the importance of collecting data, allowing you to see if your website is converting leads and what could be increasing the bounce rate. He also shared his personal checklist for A/B tests and how to ensure that they perform properly not only on your own website, but also your clients’ websites.

Photo: Chad Fullerton –

The theme of the event really focused on giving you the power to choose what works best for you. Don’t assume the same plugin, theme, or the host is the absolute best. Find out what you need and then research and find what will work best for you and your website needs.

WordCamp Hamilton focused on accessibility and inclusion bringing a very close group of attendees. This made the event special and as we reflect from the time spent with attendees and friends, we are thankful for ability to join so many talented individuals and companies.

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Looking for the best WordPress page builder plugin can be a challenge due to there being so many different options. What makes a page builder the best? Is it the ability to drag and drop? Is it the elements which are included? Is it the ability to build anything?
We’re going to look over several of the most popular page builder plugins and find the best option for you.

Choosing the right page builder

BoldGrid Page Builder (premium, unlimited websites package $60 per year):

  • Free editor
  • Provides a complete What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) front-end drag and drop editor
  • Includes hundreds of theme styles
  • Website staging – design a new version of your website, all while your old website is live
  • Dozens of pre-built layouts
  • Built in eCommerce support
  • Support center with hundreds of guides
  • PREMIUM: Use BoldGrid across unlimited websites
  • PREMIUM: Premium WordPress backup plugin
  • PREMIUM: 4 additional super-plugins

Elementor (premium, unlimited websites package $199 per year)

  • Free editor
  • Provides front-end live editor
  • Included templates and layouts
  • PREMIUM: eCommerce elements
  • No theme included
  • Website staging not available
  • Support center

Page Builder by SiteOrigin (does not offer premium version)

  • Free editor
  • Drag and Drop editor in backend, minimal front-end live editing
  • No templates or layouts included
  • Limited eCommerce elements
  • No theme included
  • Website staging not available
  • Support center

WPBakery Page Builder (premium, single website package $45 per year)

  • Free editor
  • Back-end and front-end editor
  • Included templates and layouts
  • PREMIUM: eCommerce elements
  • No theme included
  • Website staging not available
  • Support center

BeaverBuilder (premium, unlimited website package $99 per year)

  • Free editor
  • Front-end live editor
  • Included templates and layouts
  • PREMIUM: eCommerce elements
  • No theme included with basic premium package
  • Website staging not available
  • Support center

After reviewing each of the features for each page builder, we feel that the BoldGrid Page Builder stands out as it has many features which are not offered by other page builders.
The premium version of BoldGrid is not restricted to a single website. It gives you the freedom to install the BoldGrid Page Builder on as many websites as you like.

Unlike just any page builder, BoldGrid page builder comes with hundreds of different theme styles. Each theme is fully mobile responsive and is built with complete compatibility with the BoldGrid page builder.

What other page builder plugin includes additional plugins at no additional cost? We believe that you should have access to all the tools needed to build a beautiful website, so that is why we include four super-plugins along with the BoldGrid page builder. Each plugin gives you advanced features such as configuring SEO for your website or setting up a built-in image gallery.

The included BoldGrid staging plugin allows you to work on a website update without making any changes to your live website. Develop an updated look for your website on a staging website and when you are ready to launch it, with a click of a button, your updated website is live.

With so many different page builders, it can be hard to know which editor is truly the best. It is important to ask the right questions and find what you really need.
After reviewing all the features of several popular WordPress page builders, we have found that the BoldGrid page builder offers the most features and power for building a beautiful website.

When you need to build a website, it can be hard to know where to begin. Should you try to build a website using a WordPress page builder plugin, or should you hire a developer?
When researching a page builder plugin, you may find that there hundreds of different options. How do you know which plugin will work the best? How do you know which developer will do the best job? Today, we want to compare building a website using the BoldGrid Page and Post Editor Plugin versus hiring a WordPress developer.

The advantages of the BoldGrid page builder

First off, the BoldGrid Page Builder is perfect if you are on a limited budget. Not only is the page builder a free plugin, but if you decide to upgrade to the premium version, you will receive four extra WordPress plugins along with additional features at no added cost. These plugins give you the ability to add image galleries to your website, add a contact form, work on SEO, as well as allows you to develop your website on a staging platform.
Giving you complete control over design and development, the BoldGrid Page Builder has a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) drag and drop editor. This allows you to drag your images, text, and elements wherever you would like it.
With complete control, you don’t have any restrictions on making edits to your websites. If you need to make a change on a page, you can easily login and make that change with just a drag and a drop.
One of the major advantages of using the BoldGrid Page Builder is the ability to launch a website quickly. As BoldGrid Page Builder comes with hundreds of pre-designed inspirations and layout blocks, within a few minutes, you can having a beautiful website ready to launch.

The advantages of hiring a WordPress developer

Hiring a WordPress developer has several advantages. First, a WordPress developer will craft your website specific to your brand. Most WordPress developers ensure that not only do the colors and styles match, but your brand and message are clearly communicated to those who visit your website. Second, a WordPress developer can develop custom features directly into your website. Maybe you want to add a system where customers can get points for reading a blog post, a WordPress developer can certainly work to develop this system for you.
Third, if you are not familiar with WordPress or BoldGrid, hiring a WordPress developer is certainly an advantage.
Lastly, a WordPress developer can code SEO keywords as well as security features directly into your website code. Because of the importance of security as well as ranking high on Google, these features can be very beneficial.

The disadvantages of the BoldGrid page builder

Unfortunately, you can not use the BoldGrid Post and Page Builder with other web builder plugins. This can cause conflicts affecting your overall website.
Depending upon your knowledge of WordPress and BoldGrid, the process of building a website can be time consuming.

The disadvantages of hiring a WordPress developer

Hiring a WordPress developer can be expensive. Most WordPress developers can charge anywhere from $100 to $5,000. This can be a very big disadvantage if you just need to launch a simple website.
WordPress developers will generally design your website completely custom, meaning that the development time can be a lengthy process. It is generally not a fast delivery time-frame.
Another disadvantage of hiring a WordPress developer would be restricted editing access. Some WordPress developers do not give you full access to the backend of your website. This would require you to contact them each time you wish to make a change.
The overall quality of design and development which you receive may vary depending on the developer which you choose.

Build a website using BoldGrid Page Builder, or hire a WordPress developer?

You should consider using the BoldGrid Page Builder if:

  • You want complete control over your website
  • You need a basic website
  • You are on a tight budget
  • You want to have the ability to easily scale the website yourself using WordPress plugins

You should consider hiring a WordPress developer if:

  • You have limited personal time
  • You want a custom website built to your brand
  • You have a large budget
  • You want to have custom features built directly into your website

Building a website using BoldGrid Page Builder allows you to quickly launch an affordable and professional website.
Hiring a developer can be expensive, but if you need something a bit more custom, it is the best option.
Whether you decided to use a WordPress page builder plugin or hire a WordPress developer, the ultimate decision comes down to your time, finances, and design styles.

Learn more about the BoldGrid Page Editor

Building a WordPress website can be a challenge. The WordPress content management system (CMS) does not have an easy way of editing and designing beautiful pages. What is the most effective way to build a beautiful website?

A page builder plugin can help simplify the entire design and development process through using a drag and drop interface. Some page builders require some coding knowledge in order to function properly. Other page builders can be so basic that you are restricted to making minimal changes.

Today, we’re going to look at the BoldGrid Page editor, a page builder packed with tools and features.

What is the BoldGrid Page Builder?

BoldGrid page builder is one of the fastest ways to create page layouts with WordPress.
The BoldGrid page editor is a drag and drop What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) WordPress editor. The editor gives you complete control allowing you to let your creativity go wild with creating beautiful websites.
Without needing to know any coding knowledge, the BoldGrid page editor is a complete live editor, meaning that when you need to make a change, simply drag and drop, and click publish.

You may ask, what if I know code and I want to make manual CSS changes? The BoldGrid editor allows you to make these changes using the text editor.
Having the ability to add icons, section backgrounds, row design, along with advanced text editing options, BoldGrid is a powerful tool packed with features.

Additional Features

BoldGrid page editor comes with tons of additional features. With thousands of mobile friendly themes, you can make sure your website is not only accessible on desktops, but also on all mobile devices.
Creating page layouts has not been easier. With dozens of pre-built layouts, simply select the layout, updated the content, and you have just built a beautiful page on your website.
BoldGrid introduces a new feature called “blocks”. Blocks are the sections on each page where you can place elements, allowing for your pages to have proper margins and spacing.
BoldGrid page builder also included image filters, Google fonts, as well as additional mobile responsive web elements.

How to Get Started with BoldGrid

To get started with BoldGrid Page editor, it is super simple. Visit the BoldGrid page builder page and click the “Try now” button. Enter in the requested information and you are on your way to building a beautiful website.

Building a WordPress website without a page builder can be challenge. With all of the different page builder options, it can be hard to know which option is the best. The BoldGrid page builder plugin allows you to focus on your content, not the coding of your website. Build a beautiful website using the BoldGrid page editor.

Click here to try BoldGrid page editor for free.