Importance of Typography

When you build a website, choosing the perfect font is a bigger decision than one might think. At best, a good typography choice can build brand recognition for your product or company. Most simply, it can affect readability, what is seen as most important on a page, and how long web visitors stay on that page. Consider not only the font family, color and size, but also the capitalization, decoration, position and margins. Now that we have you thinking, let’s begin customizing fonts in BoldGrid.

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Important WordPress 4.9 is planned to be released Nov 15, 2017.

All BoldGrid Themes, the BoldGrid Inspirations plugin, and the BoldGrid Staging plugin have updates available to ensure compatibility with WordPress 4.9. Please be sure to upgrade your themes and plugins before upgrading to WordPress 4.9.

For more help with upgrading, please see the following page:
How to Update BoldGrid

WordCamp Rochester 2017 logo

It seems like just a few weeks ago that BoldGrid made the trip to New York (mostly because WordCamp New York was just a few weeks ago). But, we head back to the Empire State (albeit, Upstate) on November 18 for WordCamp Rochester. 

When designing your WordPress website, you must carefully consider your color palette. The colors on your website should resonate with both your brand and your audience. They help establish your authority, create attraction, and keep visitors coming to your site. Our drag-and-drop website builder makes customizing colors in BoldGrid easy. You can adjust your colors across your entire site all at once versus one page at a time.  

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BoldGrid Week-in-Review

As usual, the last couple of weeks have been busy for the BoldGrid team. In addition to the regular work on making one of the best and most powerful plugins for WordPress even better, a few of our team members spent some of their time promoting BoldGrid. WordCamp Phoenix took place on October 28 and 29, and WordCamp Riverside occurred November 4-5. Both camps turned out great, with very diverse offerings. 

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