BoldGrid to Attend NamesCon 2018

On January 28-31, all eyes in the domain industry space will turn to Las Vegas for NamesCon’s biggest event of the year. Of course, with such a big event in such an exciting location, our own MikeDemo, Brand Evangelist for BoldGrid, just had to add it to his calendar. NamesCon’s 2017 event brought in nearly 1300 delegates from around the world to discuss issues facing the domain industry. As new top-level domains (TLDs) have become available, demand has boomed. Thus, every year sees more and more companies entering this dynamic and highly-energized segment of the internet industry.NamesCon follows an important mandate of helping to connect the dots between people, companies, and across industries. The event affords exhibitors and attendees the opportunity to participate in a wide assortment of activities ranging from small, expert talks and fireside chats to larger panel discussions and keynote addresses. The evenings provide a number of opportunities for networking with activities like dinners, games, and live performances.

For those heavily in the domain space, a unique feature of NamesCon not found at many of the other events BoldGrid attends is the domain auction. These auctions often feature some of the world’s most valuable domains. If you have the resources to acquire such a domain, or simply want to see how much some of your favorite domains can sell for, you will not want to miss this exciting event.

MikeDemo will attend this year on behalf of BoldGrid. Though he will not have to man a booth this year, he will make himself available to attendees interested in learning more about BoldGrid, the upcoming Gutenberg integrations in the WordPress Core, and his predictions for the future of WordPress and the open source community at large.

Those interested in attending NamesCon 2018 can still obtain tickets by visiting the NamesCon website. While there, check out the agenda and learn more about the event’s various activities, lectures, and parties.

We hope to see you in Las Vegas!

Albuquerque WordCamp 2018 Logo

A new year has dawned, and the BoldGrid cannot wait to get back out to start spreading the word about our incredible suite of plugins for WordPress. To that end, we turn our attention to Albuquerque, New Mexico, home of our first WordCamp of the year.

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Using video platforms like YouTube or Vimeo works great for sharing your content. But, having your audience visit your page to view that content is even better. WordPress uses the oEmbed plugin because it supports many types of media. This allows you to add a wide array of media content from third parties directly to your site. BoldGrid makes adding and embedding videos even easier thanks to our Page and Post Editor’s simple usability.

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Foo Plugins WordPress Add-Ons Logo

BoldGrid, one of the most powerful suites of plugins for WordPress, makes building and maintaining a website easy. But, sometimes you need to be able to do something specific that BoldGrid does not offer. Whether that means needing a way to create a notification bar, watermarked photos, or an array of wiggling social media icons, there are just some features that require add-on software. Enter FooPlugins.

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A few years ago, Matt Mullenweg, one of the founding developers of WordPress, thought it would be a great idea to find ways to make web design seem less scary. Although WordPress definitely helps to do that by itself (especially with powerful plugins like BoldGrid), he thought the WordPress community needed something to communicate this at a glance. He believed a proper marketing tool could make users’ first steps into web design much less intimidating.

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