Defensible Traffic?

Defensible Traffic? Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

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SEO experts agree, you need to go for a diverse array of traffic sources instead of focusing on one or two.

What does this mean? Check your analytics. Where does the majority of your traffic come from?

Social Media Supremacy – Fact or Fiction?

How many times have you heard a popular Internet personality or business ask for a “Like” or “Follow” on Instagram or Facebook?

This might be because they get the majority of their traffic from social media referrals.

This means their visitors discovered them from social media or check their feeds and later land on the website.

For many internet businesses, social media may be providing more than half of total referrals.

But does this mean they should pour more resources into social media? You might think, yes of course. But the answer is a flat NO!

Extra resources should be used to diversify this traffic across other sources.

Why is diversification so important? Think about it. If these social media services change their policies or simply disappear (as Google+ did), then the majority of your total traffic disappears along with them.

Alternate Sources of Traffic

Here’s a basic list of some alternative sources of traffic you could leverage for diversification:

Email: Are you doing any email marketing? Why not? Just about everyone has an email address.

Organic Search: Optimize your pages and posts to appear more attractive in search engine results pages (or, SERPs).

Paid search: Pay for targeted ads that bring people in.

Backlinks: Getting your links out into the wild is a great way to bring in consistent traffic. Are people linking to you from their sites?

Direct: Networking, hitting the pavement, shaking hands (whatever you want to call it), get your domain out there and make sure people know it so they can go right to your site!

In the old days, the SEOs were saying don’t put all your eggs in the Google basket. One policy or algorithm change could kill all your hard work.

This holds true today, but now they’re saying don’t put all your eggs in the social media basket for the same reason.

The bottom line for you is: single sources of traffic means you’re putting all your eggs in one basket.

Are You Using Keywords Appropriately?

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Don’t Be Lazy

When we come right down to it, there are so many diverse ways of getting the word out there about your site and generating traffic for you site.

If you’re focusing on only one source of traffic (whether it’s social or Google) you’re either playing it too safe or just being lazy.