Cloud WordPress Does It All - But Faster

Cloud WordPress Does It All — Just Faster

WordPress Staging

We believe Cloud WordPress is a win for WordPress users of all kinds from beginners to developers.

We saw the need for a stable and easy-to-use cloud-based WordPress tool that lets users create multiple sites in minutes. And we think we’ve answered the call with our intuitive system.

Want to give it a try now? Launch WordPress in the cloud for free right now.

What is Cloud WordPress?

For anyone who might not know, we’ll give you a brief introduction about Cloud WordPress.

Cloud WordPress is a new service from BoldGrid that lets you create virtually unlimited WordPress installations, each on a live URL that you can share with others. You can create WordPress installations with or without BoldGrid plugins pre-installed.

How Does Cloud WordPress Work For Designers?

We’re especially happy about what Cloud WordPress means for designers. No matter what kind of request you receive or how quick your turnaround time is, you can now provide instant, live websites for your clients to visit and inspect. This means if you have a client who isn’t quite sure what they’re looking for, you can quickly and easily create multiple websites with BoldGrid designs and hand them over in a matter of hours. This means there’s no need to turn any client away for lack of resources or budget.

How Does Cloud WordPress Help Developers?

Are you interested in quickly testing your plugin or theme in a live server environment?

Cloud WordPress can quickly get your local development work into the cloud with little to no downtime.

You don’t need to create multiple subdomains, databases, or download and install WordPress core.

You can create a new fully-functional WordPress site in the cloud in a few minutes. And you can easily share your results with stakeholders on a live URL.

Cloud WordPress doesn’t provide long-term hosting, but rather is a testing environment.

We’re happy to answer any questions or comments you might have about Cloud WordPress on our feedback page. We’d love to hear from you.