Easily Prototype a New Version of Your Website For Free

Easily Prototype a New Version of Your Website for FREE!

WordPress Staging

If you’re looking for a WordPress prototype of your website, then you’ve come to the right place. A plugin that allows you to create a prototype of your website makes sense because it allows you to make sure that your website is running smoothly.

But that isn’t the only thing that a prototype transfer WordPress site can provide you with. Let’s look at some of the other features that come with this BoldGrid-designed tool that is sure to help your website run its best.

WordPress Prototype Allows You to Test Your Website

One of the best things about a prototype of your website is that you don’t have to take your current site down while you work on making changes to it.

You can create an offline prototype that is loaded into the cloud so that you can test out all the plugins and links. Plugins can be especially tricky since they don’t always want to work together, and some plugins can actually cause your site to crash if they are installed together. You can try these combinations out and make sure that they are going to be successful before you put the website online.

Another issue that comes up is making sure that your links are working. If one is dead or doesn’t link properly, then it can make your site seem unprofessional. This prototype lets you check the links before you try it on clients.

Try Out Multiple Versions

Another thing that is great about BoldGrid’s WordPress Prototype plugin is that it allows you to spin out up to 15 different websites. This means you can try out your design ideas up to 15 times before you choose the one that works best for your site. You can also share mockups or themes with other individuals. If you’re working on a design team, this is a great component that allows you to collaborate with others.

If you’re designing a site for someone else as a project, then you can share your different designs so that they can give input on how to tweak the pages and ultimately make the final decision on which one to publish to the Internet.

Easy Migration

Once you have finally decided on a web design, you can simply click a button and replace your current online site with your newly designed prototype that was created in your sandbox. This will also set you up on a cloud hosting service, which provides extra security and reliability by placing your website on several servers that are all networked together.

Should one of these servers go down, lose power, or crash, then the other servers would compensate with a back-up that would prevent your website from crashing. The whole purpose of both the prototype website and the cloud hosting server is to minimize downtime so that your website can be viewed by customers without any potential interruptions.


WordPress prototype site plugins are the next big improvement over the previous iterations of WordPress. When it comes to finding the optimum managed WordPress hosting service, InMotion is one of the best options. Their managed service is specifically optimized for the best performance with WordPress and provides top-notch security.

If you currently have a different hosting service, InMotion features free website migration as well as prototype transfer to a WordPress site. If you are instead starting from scratch, then you can also take advantage of their pre-designed sites that can help get you up and running in no time.