How Wix is Not a WordPress Website Builder

How Wix is NOT a WordPress Website Builder

WordPress Website Builder

If you are new to creating websites, you’ll find that every other page creator out there has a differing opinion about what website builder works well. This is often based solely in their own experience creating a website in one particular web builder. It’s hardly objective to get the opinions of folks who have only tried one builder with any success. However, the fact that other people are recommending the product does speak of its potential and possibility.

How does someone new to web design decide which platform to build their site on? This is not a decision to be taken lightly because building a website is hard work and having to start over because you didn’t initially choose the right web builder for you is something that each of us would like to avoid, if possible.

Here’s a breakdown of why Wix is not a WordPress Website Builder and might not be the platform for you:


Wix, much like many of the web builders out there, is limited with their features. Unlike WordPress, which is an open source platform designed for customization and modification by all users, Wix is designed to work in a specific way. Once you build a site in Wix and stumble upon a great idea to implement – there’s a chance that the tool won’t have the capability that you need to update your website. Those who only need basic features will find that Wix offers what they need but once you start growing and branching out into other possibilities, Wix becomes a liability.

Easy to Use?

Wix is much easier to use than the standard WordPress platform, that’s true. A classic WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, Wix is stellar in its ability to quickly make a website using drag and drop features with just a few mouse clicks. However, Wix is not the only product on the market that offers this and wouldn’t it be better to have a WordPress website builder that is just as easy to use but doesn’t restrict you to the Wix platform and limitations?

Site Migration

Wix doesn’t make it easy to migrate your website to any other platform. Once you’ve built on Wix, trying out another website builder without starting all over is nearly impossible. However, with a proper WordPress website builder you could move your site to different platforms or hosting without worrying about losing too much in the transition.


If you are looking to build a professional website, Wix may not be for you. It’s widely known that offerings like Wix are for hobbyists or people who can’t create a ‘real’ website. Since Wix insists on including their logo on your website, no matter how great your site looks it will be immediately clear that it was built on a less respected platform. WordPress is the site builder of choice for over 60 million professional websites! Wix just can’t compete with that level of renown.


If you want to use Google Analytics, a powerful tool for tracking your website’s usage and traffic, then you’ll want to avoid Wix. You would need to upgrade to the premium plan to be able to do that. Also, many SEO experts avoid working with companies that have a Wix website because they are notoriously difficult for achieving search engine optimization results. For whatever reason, the Wix websites don’t do as well with SEO Best Practices. Wix is a perfectly fine solution for anyone looking to build their first website for informational, educational or hobby purposes. For businesses looking to build a professional website, an actual WordPress website builder would be the better option. If you like the idea of building your site using WordPress but want a web builder that’s as easy to use as Wix – we suggest looking into our BoldGrid Page and Post Builder instead.