How Building Your Own Website Can Grow Character

How Building Your Own Website Can Grow Character

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A business owner with character could mean a great many things. Some of the fundamental traits of a quality character include honesty, responsibility, accountability, confidence and courage. Character is more than a reputation, it’s how we respond to the ups and downs, success and failures, breakthroughs and setbacks of our lives.

When it comes time to claim your spot on the internet for your business, the topic of web design is inevitable. Should you build your own website or hire a web designer to do it for you? Honestly, you can go either way with this one and be successful but we’d like to show you all the ways that building your own website can improve your character.


Building your own website gives you the opportunity to show up, as a business owner and a person, in a truly authentic and honest way. By using your own messaging, passion and purpose to create your web content, you’ll be showcasing exactly who you are to your ideal target audience (and the world at large). There’s vulnerability in showing up and being honest about who you are. That sort of presence is attractive to others.


By building your own website, you are taking the responsibility into your own hands of not only getting the project completed, but also keeping the website updated for your audience and for SEO purposes. This is a great way to start becoming consistent with your marketing and online presence.


If you are 100% responsible for what does or doesn’t happen on your website, then you are accountable for whether or not the effort is working. There will be no finger pointing or blaming others when you are at the helm of your ship. This should motivate you to do the best possible job in creating and maintaining your site.


Once you get started designing your website, you’ll gain the confidence in yourself as a person capable of figuring out what seemed to be difficult before you began. With each completed page on the site, you’ll have more trust in yourself and your ability to continue to maintain and grow your website.


Taking the initiative to learn something new, takes courage. Being prepared to fail takes courage. Getting started when you have no idea what you are doing is also courageous. Building your first website, when you have no background or experience in web design or development, might seem impossible. However, there’s never been a better time to become your own web designer. All you need is the courage to begin.

It might not have occurred to you that something as simple (and as complicated) as building your own website could have such a big impact on your growth as a person, but it absolutely can. Character happens when someone shows up, with their heart in the right place, and commits to a job well done.

Start growing your character today and operating with more pride knowing that you created your website all on your own. We support you!