The Best Features of the BoldGrid Website Creator

The Best Features of the BoldGrid Website Creator

WordPress Website Builder

Website builders are tools that allow the creation of a website without manual code or editing. The most well known, of course, is WordPress. It’s fast, it’s free, and it’s easy-to-use . . . but did you know that theBoldGrid website creator makes it even easier?

BoldGrid makes it simple to build and manage gorgeous, user-friendly WordPress websites, regardless of skill level. No coding experience? No problem. From design, to SEO, to security, BoldGrid will do it all for you. Even better? It comes with over 200 themes and an easy drag and drop builder, so customization is a breeze.

Keep reading below for more of the features we love and find out if BoldGrid is right for you.

Getting Started is Easy

If you already have WordPress installed on your computer, BoldGrid can be up and running in a flash. There are two ways to install it: the first, and easiest, is through AMP. The second way is to install itmanually, though this is the more tedious and time-consuming of the two options.

Once you have BoldGrid installed, creating your new website is an effortless two-part process.

  • Inspiration: During the first phase, you will choose the theme for your website. BoldGrid has over 200 options broken down into categories (like business, real estate, or restaurants) for you to choose from. This is also where you can determine how many BoldGrid coins you’d like to spend on things like images.
  • Customization: During the second phase, you will start personalizing your website by adding images, changing color palettes, creating new pages, and more. This is where you’ll spend the most time, but also where you’ll have the most fun!

Hundreds of Inspirations Make Customizing Fun!

You already know that BoldGrid offers a lot of inspirations. So what else is there to tell? Well, each of these themes is fully designed with stock content that you can use to replace your own content at any time. That means that anytime you switch to a new inspiration, it will completely replace all of the old pictures and text on your site, creating a whole new look.

Not sure about an inspiration? You can live-preview it on your own site before you decide to commit. From your dashboard, just click on Inspirations, hover over the one that you’d like to view, and then click on the Live Preview button. Once you’re in the preview, you can click on links, select pages, and scroll through the site as if it were live.

Simple Drop-Down Menus Help Organize Your Site

Creating menus can help make it easier for visitors to navigate your site – and BoldGrid makes it easier for you to create those menus. The Customizer allows you to quickly add and remove the items you want to include in your menu (like pages, blog posts, and links) and arrange them in a custom layout.

The simplest way to arrange a menu is through nesting, where you group together various related components (like ‘services’, for example) to create a more streamlined experience. To do so, just log into your admin dashboard and click on the Customize Menu option from the left-side menu. From there you can also quickly create a mobile-friendly drop-down menu or even create a menu within a menu!

Color Customization Creates a Truly Unique Look

Your BoldGrid website comes with a default color scheme, but you can change it to a palette that better suits your needs at any time. Say, for example, you have a branded color palette that you use for all of your marketing and promotional materials – you can easily set your website to match.

Like most other changes, you start by logging into your user dashboard. From there, just click on the Customize tab located in the left-hand sidebar and then click on Colors. You can easily view your active palette, suggested palettes, and saved palettes and make any changes you wish.

Final Thoughts

BoldGrid offers more useful features than we could ever mention in a blog post. If you’d like to learn more about how to use the BoldGrid website creator and what you can do with it, visit theBoldGrid Support Centertoday!