InclusiveHost Now Offering One-Click Installs of WordPress with BoldGrid

WordPress Staging

Great news! InclusiveHost has joined the BoldGrid family as a web host that supports and offers the revolutionary BoldGrid plugin as a 1-click install. Although compatible with most WordPress hosting services, this BoldGrid / InclusiveHost partnership makes implementation even easier. Their inclusive web hosting solutions offer an ideal platform for installing WordPress websites running BoldGrid. But, making things even easier for their customers, InclusiveHost now allows their users to install BoldGrid with a single click. 

InclusiveHost has shared its eagerness to offer BoldGrid to its customers for a number of reasons. In keeping with its all-inclusive web hosting philosophy, a website builder as easy-to-use as BoldGrid provides a solution that allows users of all skill levels to create powerful, attractive, and modern WordPress sites with the ease of drag-and-drop efficiency. That functionality, combined with a powerful suite of plugins and tools (like SEO checker, free themes, a built-in staging environment, and others) make BoldGrid a very attractive addition to InclusiveHost’s existing list of offerings. InclusiveHost invests in making its customers’ online presence a success. They do this by emphasizing speed, quality, and availability. This philosophy has allowed them to excel in the web hosting space and is part of the reason they decided to provide an innovative product like BoldGrid. We could not be more proud to have the opportunity to provide our WordPress website builder to InclusiveHost’s customers, and create a better way to WordPress. Already an InclusiveHost customer?  Click here  to learn how to begin using BoldGrid. Users interested can view the features or get free trial access to BoldGrid.