Running A Digital Agency Part 3

Running a Digital Agency with BoldGrid (Part 3)

WordPress Website Builder

Designing a site for a busy client can create headaches on both sides if there’s confusion. Think about the key points in designing a site. You’ve got a look, colors, a layout, perhaps even a philosophy. Surely, the specifics of how these ideas will represent themselves in a final product resides on someone’s mind: is it the client or a designer?

If the client simply does not know what they want, the designer has an opportunity to show their skills in crafting a design that fits the client. But, if the client knows exactly what they want, so much the better; now the designer just needs to produce that vision in HTML and CSS. Easy, right? Not always.

Here is a where a prototype comes in. Early in the project, your client may need some visible proof that the designer is worth their salt. How can this be done quickly and easily? A prototype is the best way to go. With a prototype, a designer can present a basic model of what the site is going to look like; and the client has something to visualize.

A prototype can be as simple as a drawing on paper. But now, it’s easier than ever to actually give your client a working website as a prototype. And we have special tools to facilitate this.

Cloud WordPress

Cloud WordPress is a new service that lets you create virtually unlimited WordPress installations that you can share with your client. This means you can quickly create a site with a prototype design rapidly and get it to your client the same day. But where does the design come from?

Using Rapid Prototyping with Cloud WordPress

But where can you get the design? Here’s where it gets tricky. If you want to design a beautiful prototype to sell your skills, you don’t want to spend too much time on it, because if the client walks away you’ve wasted valuable resources. So you need a way to create a beautiful site quickly with minimal effort.

BoldGrid comes to the rescue here. Using Rapid Prototyping with BoldGrid allows you to drag and drop all of the site’s elements so you can present your client with a fully-functional and fully-designed site with example writing copy in minutes. (Not hours, minutes.) We’ve written extensively on how you can use the BoldGrid tools as a starting point and quickly customize them to meet the unique demands of your client.